BETHLEHEMU VOORILO | బేత్లెహేము | A R Stevenson Live Singing | Telugu Christmas Song

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బేత్లెహేము ఊరిలో – పశులపాక నీడలో
ఉదయించె బాలుడు – రవికోటి తేజుడు
Bethlehemu Oorilo Pashulapaaka Needalo
Udayinche Baaludu Ravikoti Tejudu

Keys: Thimothy
Pads: Bobby
Tabla: Emmy n Solman
Guitar: Suresh
Flute: Emmanuel
Sax: Prasad
Harmony: Arpitha & Jyothirmai
Camera: Lal, Merlin, Suresh
Video Editing: Abhishek
Recorded at Divine Studio, Eluru
Final Mix by Dinesh, Chennai

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