Beyond the Call of Duty | Christmas Tribute To Police Personnel | KHRISTMAS BAN WAN, NGIN DON HAJAN

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Beyond the Call of Duty | Christmas Tribute To Police Personnel | KHRISTMAS BAN WAN, NGIN DON HAJAN

Christmas is a time when we all want to be with our families, with our near and dear ones, with our loved ones. But for many Police Personnel it is a time where we have to perform extra duties to ensure that people enjoy the Christmas festival the Christmas season. Many of the Police Personnel are unable to be with their families, yet we are happy to work and go beyond our call of duty to ensure a peaceful Christmas celebration. Many Police Personnel celebrate Christmas with the larger Meghalaya Police Family. This song is dedicated to all the police personnel who are unable to be with their families at this time. We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Our special thanks goes out to Smti. R.M.Kurbah, IAS the Deputy Commissioner of Ri-Bhoi District who has always supported our community outreach programmes and our personnel.


Ka Khristmas ka dei ka por ha kaba baroh ngi kwah ban ia don ryngkat bad kiba haiing ha sem bad kiba ieid ba thoin jong ngi. Hynrei, kam long kumta ia ki nongtrei pulit jong ngi kiba trei kham shitrhem shuh shuh ha kane ka por ban pynbiang ia ka kamram kaba thikna ban wanrah ia ka aiom khristmas kaba kmen bad ba suk ba sain hapdeng ki paidbah baroh.
Wat la jngai na kiba haiing hasem, pynban ngim shym la iehnoh shadien ne ryngkang uwei u maw jam ruh ha ka ban pyndep ia ka jingkhot bad jingdawa jong ka kamram ba la bynshet ha ngi ban wanrah ia ka jing pynkhreh khristmas kaba iaid beit iaid ryntih nadong shadong.
Ki nongtrei pulit baroh ki ioh ban leh kmen khristmas tang hapoh ka dara jong ka Police Department kum shi iing shi sem.
Kumta, na kane ka daw, ia kane ka jingrwai la ai bad pynkhreh kyrpang na ka bynta jong baroh ki nongtrei pulit kiba la aiti met bad mynsiem ban len lade khlem tyngkai shuh wat hapdeng jingjngai na la kiba ieid ba thoin kiba ha iing hasem kum kane ka por Khristmas.
Ngi ai khublei kyrpang ia phi baroh na ka bynta kane ka kam len lade jong phi. Ai ba kane ka Khristmas kan wanrah ia ka jingpynim mynsiem bad ka jingsuk ha ka iing ka sem jong phi.

Ibanri Syngkli
Timingstar Kharkongor

Song concept – Ibanri Syngkli
Song composer – John Phiralang Mawa
Music arrangement – Jam Nongrum, Fend Recording Studio, Bynther Mairang
Song copyright – Ibanri Syngkli

executive producers
Chemphang Syrti, MPS CO, 3rd BN MLP Sahbsein & I/c SP, Ri Bhoi District
Bikram D Marak, MPS SP, West Jaintia Hills District

video creative team
V.D.S. Rymbai, MPS
Crescency W Lyngdoh, MPS
Queenie A B Fancon, MPS

audio creative team
Lyngkit Lyngdoh

d.o.p | editing
Daniel P Gatphoh

Kyrkhulang Ymbon

recording | mixing | mastering
Heithmu I Phawa
Modern Expressions AV Studio
Ladthadlaboh, Jowai

production team
Tilu Chettri Adhikari
Lalitha A Marak
Jessica A Sangma
Fabrica Kharlyngdoh

set co-ordinators
Lamphrang Pangniang
Shaniah Umbah
Rideiakor Rabon
Richard Kharsyntiew
Sumitra Shangpliang

special thanks to our media friends in West Jaintia Hills & Ri Bhoi District
Syllad | Wyrta | Batesi TV | T7 | PCN | Ri Bhoi News
Mawphor | NongsainHima | Shillong Times | Rupang
Peitngor | Meghalaya Guardian | Kynjatshai
& other Media Correspondents

concept | script | direction
Lakador Syiem, MPS
Commandant, 6th Battalion Meghalaya Police, Umran

copyright © 2021

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