Ellaam Enakaagave – எல்லாம் எனக்காகவே

Ellaam Enakaagave – எல்லாம் எனக்காகவே

Aindhu Gaayangalin Anbai Paarpomaa
Adhu ethanai murai ninaithaalum Manam Adhirumae

Mounamaai Ellavatraiyum Sagithavar… Sagithavar
Thannaiyae Baliyaaga thaane Thandavar… Thandavar
Avar Yesu Avar Yesu Nam Yesu
Avar Yesu Avar Yesu Nam Yesu
Sonnadhai Seidhu Mudithavarae
Siluvayai Sugamaai Sumandhavarae

Enakaai Neer Rattham Sindhineer; Enakaai Neer Baliyaaneer
Enakaai Neer Mulmudi Yetreer; Enakaai Neer Maritheer

Enakaagaave Enakaagavae Enakaagave …
Enakaagave Ellaam Enakaagave

En Paavangakulkaai … En Noigalukaai … En Saabangalukkai … En Meerudalukaai …

Azhagu mugathai Sidaikka neer koduthavar… Koduthavar
Kaigalum Kaalgalilum Aaniyai Yetravar… Yetravar
Kallathanathai Ariyaadhavar Kallaraakka pattavar
Um Anbirukku Nigarillayae
Andha Anbirukku Inayillaye

Enakaagave … Enakaagave … Enakaagave…
Enakaagave Ellaam Enakaagave

En Paavangalukkai … En Noigalukaai … En Saabangalukkai … En Meerudalukaai …

Enakaagave Enakaagave …
Enakaagave ellaam Enakaagave

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