Immanuel – Sweet Arabic Christian Song / Singer : Nathaniel Bijoy Luke / English Subtitles

Song Credit :
Better Life Team , Cairo , Egypt. BLT is the most popular & anointed Arabic Gospel singers in whole Arab world. Thank you and God Bless Your Team. Please visit : Better Life Team.. You tube Channel…Link……
LYRICS in English + Translation : meaning in English
Sha’abak ye’lin beek emano, yetmassik b- wo’odak.
(Your people declare their faith, holding onto your promises)
Enta ra’ina w kol ma leena, w btgh-morna b- goodak.
(You are our shepherd and precious, covering us in your grace)
+Immano’el, Immano’el, Allah m’ana.
+(Immanueul, Immanuel, God with us)

Mahma eshtadet harb alena, e’laan rouhak feena.
(Whenever war toughens on us, Your Spirit’s manifestation is in us)
Enak leena, w meen ykfina? Gherak enta ya fadeena.
(You are ours, and who could satisfy us But You, our Savior?)
+Immano’el, Immano’el, Allah m’ana.
+(Immanueul, Immanuel, God with us)

Kelmet ha’ak bet’alemna, w seraag le regleena.
(You teach us your word, a Lamp to our feet)
Rouhak feena w by’azeena, w bynawar ayneena.
(Your Spirit in us comforts us, and enlightens our eyes)

+Immano’el, Immano’el, Allah m’ana.
+(Immanueul, Immanuel, God with us)

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