In country town or city

In country, town or city
Some people can be found
Who spend their lives in grumbling
At everything around

Oh yes, they always grumble
No matter what we say
For these are chronic grumblers
And they grumble night and day

Oh, they grumble on Monday
Tuesday, Wednesday
Grumble on Thursday too..
Grumble on Friday
Saturday, Sunday
Grumble the whole week through (2)

They grumble in the city
They grumble on the farm
They grumble at their neighbors
They think it is no harm

They grumble when it’s raining
They grumble when it’s dry
They grumble all the year round
Yes, they grumble till they die
– Oh, they grumble..

They grumble at their husbands
They grumble at their wives
They grumble at their children
It is their way of life

They grumble at their parents
They grumble in the schools
They grumble at their teachers
They grumble at all rules
– Oh, they grumble..

They grumble at the preacher
They grumble at his prayer
They grumble at his preaching
They grumble everywhere

They grumble at God’s people
And say it’s all display
But holy folks don’t grumble
They rather praise and pray
– Oh, they grumble..

If you don’t quit your grumbling
And stop it now and here
You’ll never get to heaven
No grumblers enter there

Repent and be converted, be saved from all your sins
You know that grumbling Christians are worse than non-Christians

So, be humble on Monday
Tuesday, Wednesday
Humble on Thursday too..
Humble on Friday
Saturday, Sunday
Humble the whole week through (2)

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