Kedagam | Ben Samuel | En Nesarae 3 | New Tamil Christian Song

Kedagam | Ben Samuel | En Nesarae 3 | New Tamil Christian Song

G maj
கேடகம் நீர் தானே
என் பெலனும் நீர் தானே-2
துயரங்கள் என்னை சூழ்ந்திட்டபோதும்

கேடகமே அடைக்கலமே
நாம் நம்பும் கன்மலையே-2
நாம் நம்பும் கன்மலையே-கேடகம்

1.கண்ணீரை துருத்தியில் வைத்து
பதில் தரும் நல்தேவனே-2
ஏற்ற நேரத்தில் கண்ணீருக்கு
பதில் தந்து காப்பவரே-2-கேடகமே

2.கூப்பிடும் போது மறு உத்தரவு
கொடுத்திடும் நல் தேவனே-2
ஆத்துமாவிலே பெலன் தந்து
என்னைத் தைரியப்படுத்தினீரே-2-கேடகமே

3.துன்பத்தின் நடுவில் நடந்தாலும்
என்னை உயிர்ப்பிக்கும் நல்தேவனே-2
எனக்காக யாவையும்
செய்து முடிப்பவரே-2-கேடகமே

Kaedagam Neer Thanae
Belanum Neer Thanae-2
Thuyarangal Ennai Soozhndhitapodhum

Kaedagam Adaikalamae
Naan Nambum Kanmalaiyae- 2
Naan Nambum Kanmalaiyae-Kaedagam

1.Kanneerai Thuruthiyil Vaithu
Badhil Tharum Nal Devanae-2
Yaetra Naerathil Kanneeruku
Badhil Thandhu Kapavarae-2-Kedagam

2.Koopidum Bodhu Maru Utharavu
Koduthidum Nal Devanae-2
Aathumaavilae Belan Thandhu
Ennai Dhairiyapaduthineerae-2-Kedagam

3.Thunbathin Naduvil Nadandhalum
Ennai Uyirpikum Nal Devanae-2
Enakaga Yavaiyum
Seidhu Mudipavarae-2-Kedagam

Hello Everyone !

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ ! As you all know, we are releasing the most awaited project Kedagam today.

First and foremost I am very much thankful and grateful to JESUS for leading me to where I am until today. I thank God for giving me the thirst and for helping me compose this beautiful song. I thank Him for trusting me with this ministry he has blessed me with.
I also thank my parents who are not just my worldly parents but also my spiritual parents who have taught me the do’s and dont’s of how a man of God should be.
Kedagam song talks about God’s protection in times of our troubles.
He is our ever present helper in times of our problems .I’m sure the Holy Spirit will fill each and everyone who listens to it with thirst

I thank all the musicians who have worked on this song, my special thanks to Bro. John Rohit and Daniel Raj anna for being a great blessing. Listen to this song and be blessed.
Last but not the least thanking ZION AG families for standing with me

Our sincere thanks to dear Prem anna and Hannah akka for all their support
My special thanks to Ps.Peterson anna and vanith anna for being a blessing


Lyrics, Tune, Composed & Sung by BEN SAMUEL
Music Produced & Arranged by John Rohith
Guitars | Keba Jeremiah
Drums | Vineet David
Backings | Elfe
Mix and Master | Avinash satish
Recorded @ Johns Bounce Studio and Oasis Studio

Video featuring

Drums | Allan
Guitar | Frank
Bass | Joel

Backing vocals
Diana Teresa Corera
Divina chelladurai
Blessy flora

Video Credits

Video Production by Daylight Pictures
Director of Photography | Daniel Raj
Direction Team | Aruna Kisholey & Jenifer Thomas Anjaline
Jimmy Jib Operator | Shiva
Editing & DI Colourist | Chutharshan Yogi
Tittle EFX | Pradeep
Sound EFX | Gnanasekar
Title Design | Chandlyan Ezra
Makeup style – Muah @harshahairandmakeup

Lighting Unit
Lighting Design | Solomon & Charles @ Prema Audio
Lighting Gaffer | Mayilsamy @ RS Ootdoor Unit
Stage Set | Ravi @ Frames
Shooting Floor @ Thamarai Studios

Link for Spotify

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