Yeshu Nal Nal Chalda – Yeshu Masiha oh mere nal

Yeshu Nal Nal Chalda – Yeshu Masiha oh mere nal

Yeshu Masiha, oh mere nal nal chalda
Dukh te musibaton hatanda, mera Masiha

1. Pukara jado main oh meri sunda
Mera hath fadh nal nal chalda

2. Loki jad satande, taney ne maarde
Tad Yeshu menu sab to bachanda

3. Jad tang aake man bhar aanda
Tad Yeshu man nu tassali denda

4. Aa hun tu wi Yeshu kol aja
Aake apna bojh tu ghata

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