first born blessings in the bible – bible message

first born blessings in the bible – Bible messgae

Praise Jesus church what a joy to be in the house of the Lord on a Sunday morning amen .

Hallelujah praise Jesus everyone let’s take our Bibles and do a confession this is my Holy Bible I am what it says I am I am I can do what it says I can do today as I’m taught the word of God my mind will be renewed my heart will be transformed form I am a new creation because I belong to a forgiven generation I am highly favored deeply loved wholly healed greatly blessed in Jesus name amen please be seated.

I want to take this time to welcome all those who have come to the
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online service we welcome you we are happy to see your precious names when it
is going on the chat we are happy to see all your lovely faces here in the house
of God we are overwhelmed by what God is doing his amazing love that is bringing

his people hungry for him you are hungry

that’s where you have come all the way from Electronics City from Chennai from

Andra Pradesh you people are traveling from such long distances to hear God’s

word the Bible says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for they will be

satisfied you will go out satisfied you will go out refreshed you will go out

knowing you are loved by God Amen I appreciate that you people are

taking time to hear God’s word kindly bear with us with the space issue with

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thanks to God for what he is doing if he has beg the move he knows what he is doing and he has a better solution

amen so many testimonies are coming in people are writing on our social media

YouTube Instagram WhatsApp emails hundreds and thousands of messages we

are receiving every day I’m not exaggerating thousands of messages every

day we are receiving so our hands are full we are trying our best to reach out to

everyone the Harvest is plentiful the workers are few so we are waiting for

more volunteers more resources more people for the work of the Lord to be

effective efficient so that we can do more for his glory so one testimony came in along

with so many other testimonies for the lack of time I will not be be sharing all of them only one of them I would

like to share so that it can help you to listen God’s word and grow in God’s word

so one person wrote this to us hi Pastor Priya just wanted to thank you I came across your teaching and

accept it says on how to remember the books of the Old Testament I had made

many attempts years ago to remember the books of the Old Testament but was never

successful after listening to your teachings I managed to remember the

books all of the 39 and also 27 books in a single day I mastered

them it was such a good practice for me to repeat it to my family members who

could not believe I thank you for your messages and they are helping me to know

God’s word amen so these yeah you can go

ahead so why I chose this testimony there are so many healing testimonies

are also coming in I chose this because someone said they took so many years to

memorize Old Testament books but they could not but now after listening to God’s word now they were able to

memorize in a day that means God’s word has made a impr

impression impression on their heart that they have not forgotten so once you

remember the word deep down in your heart it begins to work in all the other

areas in finances in your body in your family for your children everything that

you’re waiting for word of God is the solution so kindly take time keep

listening keep knowing keep growing keep learning and see your life being

transformed amen so let’s go into today’s word what God has to say to all

of you beloved people of God few days ago I woke up with this

dream it was more like a vision more like a dream both in Combined the dream

was I saw lots of dew drops there were new

nous drops of due so as I woke up and I

was in my conscious State I was still seeing these due drops and I asked the

Holy Spirit Holy Spirit what are you trying to say could you please explain

more in detail I know for the fact due drops in

the Bible talks of the firstborn blessing I remember the story

where Jacob receives the blessing from his father and the blessing includes the

due of heaven so I know it is about the

blessing the Covenant blessing the blessing of the first born that you

receive but I wanted to know much more than that as I continue to ask holy

spirit is the teacher of all things and he began to show me insights and Revelations that was

mindboggling and God wants everyone of you to know this truth the due of Heaven

is yours the due of Heaven is yours now what is the due of heaven where is it

mentioned for the first time let me give you a backstory Abraham and Sarah the father

of our faith they had their promised child Isaac so Abraham gave all the

blessings to Isaac now Isaac married Rebeca Rebecca

and Isaac had twins two children Esau and Jacob now Esau was was the oldest

one and Jacob was the youngest one from the beginning the eye of Jacob was on

the firstborn blessing he was craving he was coting he was like why is that Esau

must receive the firstborn blessing I need the firstborn blessing he valued it

he was focused on it so one day after hunting after being too tired his oldest

brother Issa smells the smell of lenal soup and he says Jacob can I have some

of your stew can I have some of your food that you cooked so Jacob immediately strikes a deal he says I’ll

give you what I cooked but can you sell me your Birthright can you sell me your

firstborn blessing out of craving of food he could not control he could not

exercise on his flesh he said what is the use of this firstborn blessing while

I am dying out of hunger it’s okay you take the blessing and you give me the food that you

cooked Jacob says place a oath promise me that you have given me your firstborn

blessing he says okay fine take it I place a oath under your thigh fine I give it to you you take the blessing it

does not matter it it’s of no use can you see Esau did not value the firstborn

blessing both of them are the children of same parents they have had the same

teachings from Isaac and Rebecca yet one despised the blessing the other valued

the blessing what could be the reason probably one

understood the blessing of firstborn more deeply and the other did not

understand the blessing of the firstborn while the teaching was going on at home

first one he was probably careless he did not cut the message but the second

one he was attentive and he got the Revelation what it means to have the

firstborn blessing so when they grow up when Isaac is old he says now is the

time for me to pass on the blessing could you please make good food and

bring it to me and Issa goes for hunting and partner in crime with with Jacob was

his mother because mother already had a word from the Lord that younger one

Jacob is going to rule so the blessing should be given to Jacob so she

cooperates helps him encourages him tells wear the robe wear the clothes of

your brother he smells like the field because he’s always in the field where

it I will cook the dish for you go and deceive your father as though you are

the oldest son Jacob immediately his response is so beautiful he says mother

what are you saying what if father finds out that I am cheating him and instead

of blessing he curses me can you see the value that he placed on Father’s spoken

word she says if that be then I take the curse on my head I free you from that I

am the one who is instigating you go ahead you take the blessing he says okay

so if there is curse you take it right he’s always focused on the blessing so

he goes now to the father trying to be someone else he’s always trying to be

someone else he’s always trying to cheat the name Jacob in Hebrew means cheat so

somehow his parents knew the moment he was born that he is a cheat so they named him cheat so he cheats his father

and says I am the oldest one can you please give me the blessing so he the

father says can you come let me kiss you and he smells Jacob because now he’s

wearing the dress he’s wearing the Garment of Esau he says you smell like

Esau because Isaac is old his eyes are dim and both the brothers are twins they

look alike so now he could not recognize by his voice nor by his face and now he smells

him and he realizes he thinks that it is Esau and he pronounces the firstborn

blessing what is that firstborn blessing show them the first scripture for today

the firstborn blessing that he gives may God give you of the Dee of

heaven and of the fatness of the earth and plenty of grain and wine when father

pronounces the blessing on Jacob the first blessing he gives is May you have

the due of Heaven that is the first in the list you can go home and read the

other scriptures what all are there in the list it’s very beautiful very very beautiful so the first in the list is

the due of heaven and this story is in parallel to Other Stories as well what

Jacob receives from Isaac is what he passes on to his children now you know

the further story Jacob has 12 sons when

he becomes old when he wants to pronounce the blessing he rejects the

firstborn blessing on Ruben on Simon on levite the first three sons and all the

other 10 Sons the blessings directly go

and fall upon Joseph now when Jacob is pronouncing the blessing he pronounces

the blessing on the house of Joseph he rejects it to Reuben because

Reuben does a very heinous crime I call it crime

because he defiled the bed of his father and Simeon and levite you can

read the backstory what was the reason that they did not receive the blessing so now Jacob transfers the blessing when

he’s pronouncing he gives to the house of Joseph why and how this happened to

Joseph you know Joseph was sold Joseph

lost the time with his father Joseph was cheated every time in the Bible you see

you have been cheated you were ill treated mistreated devil took you for a

ride devil stole your dreams devil stole your years and you are the victim of the

Lost Years the truth of the Bible is that you receive a double portion restoration you

receive Sevenfold restoration restoration is always greater than what

you lost before because Joseph lost the time with family lost the time with his

father now when he pronounces the blessing he says this firstborn blessing

I give to Joseph it goes to the house of Joseph now Joseph has two sons one is

manessa and Ephraim the first born is manessa the second born is Ephraim this

time when Jacob is placing his hands he’s old he he has demise and he places

his hands right hand on Ephraim and left hand on manessa he crosses his hands and

Joseph says father manessa is the oldest one you have to place your right hand on

manessa and left hand on Ephraim and he thinks probably father has become old so

he’s not able to see now he shifts the older one menesa on his uh right side

and the younger one on his left side side now what Jacob does is with his dim

eyes he realizes that Joseph has crossed his sons now Jacob crosses his hands he

says right hand I place it on Ephraim and left hand I place it on manessa now

Joseph interrupts father he is the oldest one the firstborn blessing you

must give it to him Joseph says I know what I am doing my son the second one

receives the blessing why and what did Jacob knew

there was something that Jacob knew I want you to see this another scripture

where Joseph receives the blessing and then I’ll explain it go to the next scripture Deuteronomy 33:13 and of

Joseph he said blessed of the Lord in his hand with the precious things of

heav heaven with the Dew and the Deep lying beneath he speaks this blessing on

the house of Joseph what is House of Joseph it is manessa and Ephraim when it

comes between manessa and Ephraim who’s got greater blessing the younger son Ephraim now who gets the due of Heaven

Joseph gets the due of heaven and what the Bible says it is the precious thing

the due of Heaven is a precious thing what is the due of Heaven the precious

thing the Bible is talking about are you all excited to know the due of Heaven

amen so let’s see deeper in the Bible keep the story of Jacob in your mind I

will come to that again the story of what Jacob does to Ephraim and

manessa now let’s dive deeper and see what is this blessing why it is so

important important and precious what is this Dee of Heaven it’s the condensed

water the water is created by the earth and the atmosphere why is it saying the

due from Heaven the favor of the Lord the Covenant blessing of the Lord what

is it there is something more to it which Jacob knew so Jacob has got

that understanding let’s see the due of Heaven let’s go to what the Bible

interprets the due of Heaven this is a song written by Moses now Moses writes

this the words of the Lord and he says next verse Deuteronomy 32:2 my Doctrine

shall drop as the rain my speech shall distill as the Dew as the small rain

drop upon the tender herb and as the showers upon the grass amen so the

speech the doctrine of God the speech of God the spoken word of God the utterance

of God is the due of Heaven the speech of God now what is the speech of god

let’s see in Hebrew because this is English Bible we don’t get full understanding of it let’s say the Hebrew

in Hebrew the speech is imra show them the Hebrew word it is imra which means

the utterance the speech the word of God the spoken word of God what God speaks

now what is that God speaks what is that he’s trying to say what is the spoken

word of God how do I understand the due of

Heaven your Holy Bible has two things in it one is Legos the written word of God

and the Rama the spoken word of God the written word of God is good to learn to

see to uh understand very little information but the RMA word of God is

the real knowledge of God it is the spoken word of God it is the now word of

God the RMA word of God makes all the difference the written word of God the

logos if I have to explain in simple words it is like raw rice raw rice

versus cooked rice the raw rice is like logos the written word of God can you

eat the raw rice no so what you do with the raw rice there is so much of sack

full of raw rice in your store room you take little bit of raw rice and you cook it when you cook it it becomes edible

food the the edible food is the RMA word of God the Rama word of God is not just

the writing not just information it is a revelation the Rama

word of God is the word which you use it not just for reading not just for

hearing but for eating you eat the word of God like how it says in Ezekiel I eat

the word of God Jeremiah says I found your word and I ate them when you begin

to eat God’s word when it becomes your Revelation the divine revelation of God

it is the RMA word of God it is the now word when God has spoken to you the

Revelation let me give you more insights on Revelation there is so much to

explain on the revelation of God’s word so God says the due of Heaven is yours

now firstly let’s understand in more detail what is the due of heaven so from

this I told it is the spoken word of God it is the Rama word of God it is the

Revelation that God gave when you’re trying to memorize the scriptures say

for instance you take down healing scriptures prosperity scriptures you take 100 scriptures and you try and

memorize you struggle to remember you struggle to know the key verses you’re

like what does it say how can I remember Pastor all the scriptures you’re trying to remember the logos the written word

of God but when it becomes a rama for you you don’t struggle to remember you

automatically remember it becomes very easy because now you’re not hearing with your ear you’re hearing with your heart

amen because it’s yours you’re like I know it and I know it and I know know it

this is what God’s word says and I believe it and I have experience with the word so now you’re able to remember

everything whatever God has spoken to you amen that’s the Rema word of God now

here he says the due of heaven so what is the due of Heaven it’s a precious

thing from Heaven it’s more precious than silver more precious than gold it

is the precious Knowledge from God the blessing of firstborn let’s move on

let’s go to the next scripture to understand deeper I want you to see the

scripture so that you know I’m not trying to interpret on my own you should know that’s Bible interpreting the Bible

Exodus 16:13 so it was that Quail came up at the evening and covered the camp

and in the morning the deal lay all around the camp why I gave this verse because the next verse you can see when

the Dew came what came and when the Dew had gone up there

was on the face of the Wilderness a fine flake like thing fine as frost on the

ground two things came you saw Quail came in the previous verse when the due

came Quail came when the due came there was something on the ground do you want to know what what was the something on

the ground go to the Book of Numbers what is that the duw brought when the DW fell

upon the camp in the night the Mana fell with it amen so when the due came what

came along with the DU dear people the Mana of God so if you’re thinking what

is this due of heaven heaven how is it going to help me if you have de of Heaven that means you have all the quail

to eat and all the Mana to eat and distribute Mana not only the Earthly

food but the bread of life the bread from heaven heav Mana is the living

bread which is the showbread which is Jesus himself the Mana came along with

the due amen the greatest blessing when God sent when the due Came From Heaven

is Jesus Christ himself amen so the Mana came so when you have the due you have

everything now let me further explain when Jacob received the due what

happened he he was afraid his brother got to know he cheated now he started

running for his life he’s like no my brother is going to kill me because he got to know I have taken the firstborn

blessing now when he’s running he becomes so tired and then he’s sleeping in the during the journey as

he’s going on the way to meet Laban his uncle he’s tired and he’s sleeping on

the ground keeping a stone under his head and who comes and talks I told you the the due is the

speech the utterance of God for the first time Jacob heard directly from God

he gets a dream he says Angels descending up and down he sees a big ladder and he’s like who are you he says

I’m not going to leave you and he wrestles with him all night and then he says you have to bless me again he’s

very focused on the blessing he says you have to bless me and the angel of the Lord which is a picture on the shadow

talking about Jesus He blesses him he receives the utterance from God he

receives the Divine knowledge the divine revelation from God the moment he

received the due of heaven when he received the due of heaven heaven things

started to change he could now hear God Amen let’s move on further show them the

next scripture by his not knowledge The Depths are broken up and the clouds drop

down the Dee now to understand more deeply the Dee of Heaven the Bible says

by his knowledge the heaven drops down due how is the due coming down by his

knowledge whose knowledge it is God’s knowledge by God’s knowledge it is not

human knowledge it is not times of Indian knowledge it it is not media

knowledge it is not scientific knowledge it is not astronomic knowledge it is

God’s knowledge it is the knowledge of God by his knowledge the due comes down

now let’s see what is this knowledge I’m trying to arrive at this point if only

you get this you will start to Proclaim and believe and re in life knowing the

due of Heaven is yours amen so give me your undivided attention understand by

his knowledge what is by his knowledge in Hebrew Old Testament was written in Hebrew Holy Spirit showed this to me go

to by his knowledge it is that the meaning of that is knowledge

perception skill discernment understanding wisdom amen it is the

wisdom of God it is the knowledge of God it is the understanding of God the

discernment what is the discernment having a hearing ear Jesus always said

he who has an ear let him hear we all have ear but you should be able to hear

that means you should be able to understand you should have a hearing heart not just a ear so when you

understand when you are able to know the knowledge of God the knowledge of God

that’s when every Everything Changes the knowledge of God is what God thinks the

knowledge of God is what God understands that’s where this entire chapter Proverbs 3 is the proverb of the wisdom

it says wisdom is precious than rubies wisdom is precious than anything else

receive understanding in all you’re getting get understanding what is this understanding what is this wisdom what

is this knowledge you remember when Solomon prayed that night when the Lord

visited him Solomon asked for wisdom you and I know it as wisdom when you go and

see that in Hebrew you know what Solomon asked he asked for a understanding heart

he asked for a hearing heart he said let me hear you let me know the knowledge of

God let me hear directly from you I want understanding to guide my people to rule

my people to be a righteous judge to make the land plentiful let me receive

the knowledge of God the revelation of God the understanding of God the due of

Heaven because the Bible says by his knowledge the due is poured out that means when you have the knowledge of God

when you have the understanding of God when you have the atance of God why I am

combining imra and D in both the interpretation of the due of Heaven one

is the imra that is the spoken word of God that is the now word the utterance

of God and what God speaks it is the knowledge of God God’s knowledge is not

the knowledge of the world his knowledge is not the knowledge of the word when he

gives you the knowledge your knowledge is entirely different because Jacob had

the knowledge of God when laan was trying to cheat him spotted goats

speckled goats Jacob said you choose whatever you want spotted goats or speckled goats

every time Lavan kept changing the wages of Jacob yet Jacob had the utterance

from God Jacob had the knowledge of God he was able to multiply The Goat in

abundance the knowledge that he got directly from God and the Bible says

when he left Laban he took everything laan had everything he took laan had so

when you have the due of heaven when you have the revelation of God there is no

opposition against Revelation as Pastor Abraham says there’s no opposition now

he comes out prosperous Rich successful same thing happened to Joseph I told you

at the beginning Jacob gave the blessing to Joseph now what happened to Joseph it

was looking looking like Joseph was a slave it was looking like he was in the prison but the knowledge of God the

spoken word of God the utterance of God was always with Joseph every time

someone will come and tell about the dream how did Joseph interpret the dream

it was not through his understanding Joseph interpreted the dream by asking

God he would say God can you please give me the Revelation and how which phone

telecall he did which connection Air B of phone which connection he had with

God every time someone dream Joseph would directly say God what is the meaning of the dream the Baker and the

cup Bearer had a dream he said let me find out with my God and I’ll tell you I

have not 3g connection 4G connection I have the G connection so let me connect

with God and let me give you the Revelation so he connects with God and he gives the divine revelation the

knowledge of God he hears from God and he speaks every time he speaks it does

not fall to the ground when Nebuchadnezzar the king of the town the king at that time when he had the dream

he says call for Joseph let’s call Joseph the Pharaoh not the nebukadnezar

the Pharaoh of The Exodus the he says K call him call the Pharaoh says call him

I have a dream all the sorcerers all the Ministers of

his kingdom says could you please tell us the dream so that we can interpret it

the Pharaoh is a smart guy he says I’m not going to tell the dream if you can

interpret that means you can also know my dream find what is my dream and

interpret the dream so all the minister says nobody in this whole world can do

what you’re are asking he says fine you take all the ministers and kill them because I want to know what is my dream

he says what a vake thing this Pharaoh is asking then finally the cup Bearer remembers there is a man who hears from

God who has the knowledge of God he has the wisdom of God he has the due of

heaven so let me call for him so call Joseph immediately from pit to Palace

what do of Heaven Can Do raise you from pit to Palace in one night they shave

him put nice clothes perfume anoint his head and now he comes and stands before

Pharaoh he says can you please tell me what is my dream and interpret my dream

Joseph says I can’t do it but I know a God the god whom I serve he will speak

to me he will reveal the knowledge to me what nobody in this whole world can

understand is going to give me the understanding the knowledge knowledge is

dot the wisdom of God the knowledge of God so he prays god reveals and he tells

you saw seven fat cows seven thin cows what happened the thin cows ate the fat

cows you can go home and do the homework the dream he interprets what is the bottom line the bottom line is he

changes the economy of the entire Kingdom and becomes the right hand in

command to the pharaoh because the wisdom of God taught him to manage

finances the due of Heaven taught him to turn the economy of the world all the

kingdoms sold because the hand of Jacob

was ruling Egypt because Jacob had the blessing of du of Heaven now Jacob seed

Joseph is ruling heaven now because he has the Dew of Heaven the Dew of heaven

will always push push you sprout up like a seed you push the seed deeper and

deeper when have you tried gardening or planting when no matter how much you push the seed deeper and deeper dug it

pour the water pour the manure just wait for some time there is time involved it

sprouts up and it always Rises to the top because it is the this is how the

Bible says the word of God is a incorruptable seed and you know who are

you you are born of incorruptable seed 1 Peter 1:23 you are born of incorruptable

seed amen you’re born again so you cannot be down no matter who pushes you

down no matter your circumstances pushes you down sickness pushes you down

finances pushes you down delay set back pushes you down like the seed the

incorruptable seed which is in you will Sprout you up you will come up because

the due of Heaven is yours amen glory to

God glory to God so let’s see another couple of verses and then I will explain

let’s read so you put your eyes on that Proverbs 3 uh the Holy Spirit showed me

the scripture in this so amazing how I arrived at this look look at the scripture the Lord laid the Earth’s

foundations with wisdom wisdom’s blueprint how did Lord do everything

wisdom’s blueprint next verse by his living understanding all the universe

came into existence how did God create all the universe everything that you see

around how did he create by wisdom’s blueprint before building a skyscraper

or your house you will always have a blueprint before building any car aerplane any of the technical things

what people have a blueprint who had the greatest blueprint God the wisdom of God

through his wisdom with his blueprint he created everything with his

understanding the wisdom of God the understanding of God and verse 20 shall

we all read it together by his divine revelation

he broke open the hidden Fountains of the deep bringing secret Springs to the

surface as The Mist Of The Night dripped down from heaven what is the mist of the

night this is TPT version when you go to kg the other version I just showed you it is the due of Heaven how does the due

of Heaven come by his divine revelation

now shall we connect imra and D the utterance of God the knowledge of God

the wisdom of God the understanding of God the divine revelation of God he

created all things now that is the due

of Heaven the first blessing of the first born in the list now it says yours

to all the firstborns I have a beautiful answer for

you don’t be discouraged if you are the first born and you’re thinking is it for me or it is for Jacob so is it for the

younger one to all the firstborns every one of you whether you

are firstborn in your family firstborn in your generation of the Christian family whatever uh is your um number in

the house when you come to God’s kingdom you are actually not the

firstborn Jesus is the the firstborn among the Brethren Jesus is the first

fruit of the Resurrection Jesus was the only begotten son of the father let me

give you this Revelation Jesus is the first born of the father right so all

the blessings the Dee of Heaven the fatness of Earth plenty of grain unwine

belong to whom Jesus Christ the first born of the father it says the only

begotten son of the father now this time on the cross of the calvary what did

Father God do father God took his right hand like how Jacob crossed his hands

over Ephraim and left hand on manessa God our Father crossed his right hand

and placed it on the church the body of Christ Christ and his left hand on the
firstborn Jesus so Jesus remained cursed on the cross Jesus stood sick on the

cross Jesus stood poor on the cross Jesus stood rejected on the cross Jesus

stood as firstborn who lost his Blessing

because he was willing and he did that so that father can cross his hands and

you the body of Christ can say I have received like Jacob I am a cheat but I

received the firstborn blessing because of my elder brother Jesus what he did he

was willing and he gave me the due of Heaven now no matter what born you are

you are definitely after the second born in the kingdom of God so today the

firstborn blessings are yours and the resurrection when the resurrection

happened the first born Resurrection of Jesus his sinless Lamb of God so he

deserves all he deserves all the blessings now

what he said I share with you he said I share with you I am not the hair of God

I am cair of God what a honor what a mighty God we serve give him the Glory

thank you Jesus for making you and me the cair of Christ Jesus we are coheres

with Christ Jesus everything that belongs to Jesus is yours now can you

please say loud and clear the due of Heaven is mine because of Jesus the due

of Heaven is mine because of Jesus Amen

receive it receive it the Dee of Heaven now what is the due of Heaven it is the

knowledge of God it is the revelation of God I said it is not just the logos it

is the Rema logos everybody has it everybody has it every publication has

it every language has it everyone have the logos but who has the RMA only they

will rain amen when you have the Rama word of God it is not raw rice it is

cooked rice raw rice you cannot eat it’s not going to benefit you it will not give you nutrition but the cooked rice

it will benefit you when you eat the cooked rice you’re eating the word of

God when you’re eating the word of God it is Health to All Flesh amen it gives

strength to your dry bones amen so the word of God is the due of heaven and

this is your blessing the first blessing that God gave is the revelation of God’s

word that means what dear people you can hear God you can hear God so the

Revelation what Jacob had I told you keep that story in your mind park it aside when Joseph interrupted father

you’re placing your right hand on Ephraim he said I know what I’m doing that means Jacob had the Revelation the

Messiah would come and our Father God will cross his hands on Jacob like you

and me amen he said I know what I’m doing this is how it has to be amen

how good our God is see Adam was first born Adam he lost the fall of Man

happened and Jesus our L Adam right like the second born he received the

blessings now on the cross of Calvary he stood as the firstborn of the Father the

Beloved of the father and when God crossed his hands he said fine I give

you my Birthright willingly he gave you his blessings the due of Heaven if you

have have the due of Heaven like Jacob like Joseph you will rise to to that

means the Revelation is not based on the books not based on the degrees not based

on the qualification how to make money engineering medical postgraduates

business being an employee what to do what knowledge can I have all most of

them uh 10 and 12th students they come to me for career counseling Pastor what can I study how I can be successful how

I can make money how I can raise to top fine based on your strength what you’re

good at we advise them you do this you do that but the secret to success is

Joshua 18 this book of law shall not depart from your mouth you shall

meditate on it day and night and observe to do everything that is written in it

then you will be successful and prosperous amen this book the knowledge

of this book this atance the Rama word of God your child might go to Sunday

school for 25 years yet not have the Rema it’s very important they have the

divine revelation the due of Heaven pray and teach them to know the due of heaven

where Esau lost Esau knew logos Esau knew Abraham transferred the blessings

now father is going to transfer but he did not have the Rama he didn’t have

divine revelation he did not hear directly from God the utterance when his parents were teaching he could not catch

that because he could not get the understanding the Bible says from the scripture you can relisten to this

message to get the whole gist of it again and read the scriptures so it

should become a revelation today morning is a information for you but information

does not help nor last long it is a revelation that helps and last long the

due of Heaven is a hearing ear so when Solomon asked God said you’re asking me

for the due of Heaven fine the Revelation I’m going to give you I’m going to give you wisdom wealth honor

power no King as richer than you because he are for the due of Heaven now the last

scripture for today how can I close without talking about Jesus Isaiah

chapter 53 who had the due of Heaven I told you Jesus the firstborn had the due of

heaven right can you all repeat after me what is the due of Heaven the knowledge of God the

revelation of God the utterance of God Amen this is a Messianic uh SP portion

it’s talking about Jesus Isaiah wrote this in divine revelation he just didn’t

write whatever he knew he wrote Under divine inspiration divine

revelation he shall see the labor of his soul and be satisfied by his

knowledge by his knowledge my rightous servant shall justify many for he shall

bear their iniquities can you see by his knowledge is the important word by his

knowledge whose knowledge it is whose knowledge is the scripture talking about by his knowledge my

righteous servant I told you I cannot close a sermon without talking about Jesus this is the story Isaiah 53 is the

work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary the Bible is talking about Jesus

God is speaking through Isaiah God gave utterance to Isaiah Isaiah heard from

his hearing heart and he wrote it down and what did he write by his knowledge

by his knowledge the servant can you move that screen so people can see by his

knowledge my righteous servant Justified who is that righteous servant

who just Justified who is the righteous right hand of God I took one message few years ago the righteous right hand of

God that brought the Salvation is Jesus himself the righteous servant that it is

talking about is Jesus Jesus so by what Jesus Justified you and me today you are

sitting in church you all are watching us online you came to love of God how

did this happen who did this by knowledge of my righteous servant whose

knowledge it is knowledge of Jesus where is wisdom hidden Colossians 3 where is

wisdom hidden wisdom w i s d o m wisdom is hidden in one man called Jesus Christ

wisdom is in Jesus knowledge is in Jesus understanding is in Jesus so when enemy

when Satan and his minions when they were crucifying him on the cross of Calvary they were hitting him left es

upon lashes they were pulling his beard shaming him spitting on him when they were doing all these things Satan would

have laughed laughed and thought Jesus it’s over it’s over death

is final and fatal you cannot win over me over

death and the Lamb of God was quiet he was s silent he was silent as the lamb

before his shearers he did not speak or utter why because he knew something more

than the enemy he knew more than the knowledge of the enemy Satan thought

death is end of it it’s over Jesus was quiet by his knowledge by his

understanding he destroyed the death the one who had the power of death the keys

of Hades and Hell Jesus destroyed the death he said the power of death you are

having what I’m going to do by dying I’m going to destroy death the knowledge

that Jesus had nobody could beat that Revelation he said I have that

understanding I have that knowledge the solution to the problem is that I

die so he said I died the Revelation by his knowledge what he did he destroyed

the power of death what a awesome Revelation what an awesome knowledge so

there is solution even to death and Grave if there’s someone in the death bed what to eat what medicines to take

what to do the knowledge of God will save that Soul you want to know how to

make money like Joseph the knowledge of God the due from heaven will raise top

the knowledge the firstborn blessing is yours give Jesus the glory give Jesus

the Glory thank you Jesus by his knowledge he justified you today you

stand righteous before God what a knowledge is that oh my God I need 10
sermons to teach on righteousness of God there are nine Parts you can go and

listen it’s already there on the YouTube so there is so much more to say for the last lack of time I will not be

continuing today but I will continue little more next Sunday on the Duke of

Heaven over to brother Elijah to take the Mana with the

Duke hallelujah thank you Pastor can you put your hands together again for our dear Pastor

amen is wonderful to have the right the the right word being preached from the

pulpit H Allelujah and um I want to say this as a pastor was preaching she said

you need to have the rer amen but how do you get the Rama she said we all we have

the logos but you get the RMA through Revelation so as you come to church and

Pastor open the logos she speaks to you through Revelation worship God Amen so

when you get the Revelation that’s where the due comes in Hallelujah and the due

once you have the due the due can take you from the pit to the Palace hallelujah amen when you have the due of

Heaven you will look Smart in your workpl Hallelujah when you have the de of Heaven nothing can stand on your way

because you know who you are Hallelujah when you have the DU of Heaven Hallelujah things change in your life I

also love the fact that Pastor explain this she said at the cross God cross his hand Hallelujah his

right hand came upon you and I Allelujah and his left hand went on Jesus and

Jesus took all the curses for you and I to be blessed Hallelujah can you say

amen hallelujah amen as you go home today you want you

to know that you have the DU of Heaven am everywhere you go you will prosper

everything you do you shall prosper Hallelujah everything you lay your hands on because you have been Anointed with

the due of Heaven you should go from glory to glory hallelujah amen I believe

that you have received the je of Heaven shall we now take of the Holy Communion

together heavenly father I thank you for these cups which present your blood and

I thank you for these breads which represent your broken body we do this in mer of you

amen your

blood shed for me my

whole eternity Your

Grace shown to me gives me

life and now I see your broken part

[Applause] is my healing your sinless blood GES my

Redemption your chosen suffering brings perfect life to me Lord

your sacrifice has made me through the cross I am

forever yours

Your Love put on me with the

or of your spirit the

anointing breaking fear I’m

alive I am free yes your

Church shall we all discern the Lord’s body Fon 1 and verse6 that the

communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every

good thing which is in us in Christ Jesus we acknowledge Ephesians chapter 1

verse 19 and 20 that the same power that Rose Jesus from the dead live in us we

acknowledge Galatians 3:13 and 14 that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of

the law by being made a curse for us for it is written curse is everyone who is

hung on the tree and he did that in order so that the blessing of Abraham shall come unto the Gentiles and that

you might receive the promise of the spirit through Faith Church what is The Blessing of Abraham let us acknowledge

Genesis chap 12: 2 and 3 I will make you a great nation I will bless you and make

your name great and you shall be a blessing I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you

in you all the nations of the Earth all the families of the Earth shall be

blessed let us acknowledge Luke 22 and verse 44 and being in agony Jesus prayed

more earnestly then his sweat became like great drop of blood falling down to the ground and because of that one act

which is written and recorded in the Bible today we stand redeemed from Every

curse from the ground every food that we eat and is from the ground is blessed we

are redeemed from every hardship every hard toil for surely he has borne our

grief and carried our sorrows for he was wounded for our transgressions he was

bruised for our iniquities the chastisement the punishment that brought

us peace was laid on him and by his stripes we were

healed church we were healed 2,000 years ago and today we stand healed again as

you partake with the blood and the body of Our Lord you want to declare unto you

that you have the due of Heaven H Allelujah as you partake you want to

declare that every sickness in your body is being disappearing right now Hallelujah as you partake we speak to

your to your organs every organs which is malfunctioning we declare Restoration

in the name of Jesus thank you Lord to our online audience everything you have

in your hands as the element of the Holy Communion as a priest of the most high God I declare it as the blood and the

Flesh of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall we all partake through the

table of the Lord where you took all my shame and

restored all I lost this is a

holy moment with you I open my heart to all you want to

do I still my soul to remember the

cross where you took all my shame and restored all I

lost took all myo

Hallelujah as you have learned this morning you have the

logos but you get the remat Revelation the revelation we receive

this church is that when you raise your cup you declare the dead of Our Lord you

declare the death of Jesus but when you give unto him you declare is

resurrection because you not give anything to a dead person Allelujah you give to him because you believe that

he’s alive amen so shall we all raise our hands to our Lord so if you want to

go digital please go digital feel free you have the scanner code you have a code everywhere you can use that or if

you want some envelope also you can ask for envelope or the ases we give to you shall we

pray Heavenly Father we thank you we glorify your name God

for you have been so good to us thank you for blessing us oh dear God

this morning as we raise our hand to you to Jesus our high priest just like

Abraham raised his hand to make his de that God we do so because we believe

that you are the source of our blessings not our jobs that God not our

businesses that God for your word says oh Lord you are the one who give us the strength the power to acquire wealth oh

Lord oh thank you Father God I pray that you bless every seed sowing every

offering every th this morning Father God I pray that doors be open unto them

Dy God that the children that that God should be Mighty in the land God as a

give to you oh Lord you open the eyes you open the mind to receive oh Lord the

Revelation from the logos May the due of Heaven be be the portion every day of

their life in the name of Jesus we prayed amen amen

hallelujah amen to our online audience you have the QR code display online

you can uh give now or give at your own time so we are going to pray for the

birthday if you have uh do you have your birthday this uh this week or today who celebrating his birthday today or this

week no one in the house okay online uh if you are celebrating your birthday or

your wedding anniversary please drop your name we will pray for you as well

is anyone celebrating the wedding anniversary here no okay anyway we are going to pray

for those who are online God knows them by name shall we pray

together Heavenly Father we thank you for your people God you know them by

name you know them where they are you know you know what they’re going through daddy God for this new year of their

father God we declare that the due of Heaven is the share that

God father God we declare that as they step into this one more year of their life may ground shift into the favor

that he God May doors of opportunity daddy God be open unto them daddy God for those

who are celebrating the wedding anniversary that God we declare that the whne will never never get over among

them that the love will be more and more intensive Dy God may you reveal yourself

to them again may you bless them abundantly beyond the imagination that

the god thank you God for we believe that you are the one who provide you are

the one who take us from glory to glory in the name of Jesus I prayed amen

amen baptism okay so uh we have

a there’s a b baptism uh service we have a baptism

service on 23rd March uh from uh 2:30 p.m. in the

church uh if is in the church here Pastor the

church the church here okay so we have a baptismal service is happening so if you

are uh free you can attend uh please join hand with the new Believers as they

come to Proclaim their faith they want to see people who are advanced in the faith to stand by them Hallelujah

cheering them saying we stand with you saying that we understand the decision you are taking this is a good decision

you will never regret it h Allelujah so we request everyone to come uh to help them to take Jesus step of Faith amen

thank you over to our dear

Pastor amen Easter and Good Friday is the time where you can commemorate what Jesus did

he went to the Grave 3 days he was in and he rose from the dead so those of

you who are waiting to take baptism it’s a beautiful time to comemorate so when you go under the water it is a symbolic

representation that you dying along with Christ and when you come out you are

being resurrected along with Christ it’s a beautiful spiritual significance there

will be detailed class on it those of you who have taken baptism yet want to know what about baptism is you can

attend on 17th March at 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening that is and those of them who

are waiting to take do not miss to take water baptism it is your action of Faith

amen so let’s all rise up to our feet as Abraham pronounced the blessing Jacob

pronounced the blessing Isaac pronounced the blessing

as a priest of the Lord not to the order of levitical priesthood but to the order of

melkisedek priesthood as I pronounce the blessing of the Lord be very eager like

Jacob and say it’s mine say amen I agree to it and all those who have come for

the first time we would like to meet you you kindly meet us after the service with the ushers we would like to get to

know you more if you’re not going to a New Covenant Church where they preach

the finished work if you’re not going there then you’re most welcome to worship with us every Sunday so are you

ready to receive the due of Heaven the Lord has blessed you the Lord Has Lifted

his countenance on you the Lord is gracious to you you shall always be the

head and not the tail you shall always be above and never below you shall lend

and shall never borrow whatsoever your hand does it shall prosper you like a

palm tree are growing flourishing bearing fruit in All Seasons at all

times as the firstborn blessing you have the Dew of Heaven the fatness of Earth

the plenty of grain and wine you shall always rise to top because Christ is in

you you are becoming stronger younger healthier and more beautiful for the

glory of the Lord no giant no Jericho no Red Sea can ever stand before you the

love of the Father the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the sweet communion of

the holy spirit is always with us now and forever more amen Shalom Christ

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