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Vazhthuka Nee Maname – വാഴ്ത്തുക നീ മനമേ song lyrics

Vazhthuka nee maname – en paraneVazhthuka nee maname 1) Vazhthuka than sudha namathe perthuparthivan thannupakarathe orthu 2) Ninnakruthyam paranokeyum pokkithinnamai rogangal neeki nannakki 3) Nanmayal vaaikavan thrupthiye thannunavyamakkunnu nin ...

Showers of Blessings Ashishamari Wedding Ceremony song lyrics

There shall be showers of blessing:This is the promise of love;There shall be seasons refreshing,Sent from the Savior above.Refrain:Showers of blessing,Showers of blessing we need:Mercy-drops round us are falling,But for the showers we plead.There ...

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