FGAG- Full Gospel Assembly of God Worship church

Rev. Paul Thangiah serves as Founder & Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Assembly of God Worship Centre located in Indiranagar , Bangalore, as well as the new branch at Kannur where the inaugural service was held on March 10, 2019.

He is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, a global organization which exists in over 200 countries. He presently serves as Assistant Superintendent of the South India Assemblies of God and is also the Superintendent of the Central District of the South India Assemblies of God which comprises of Karnataka and Goa.

Rev. Paul started the Church at indiranagar in 1982 with just 3 people and today it caters to over 28,000 people every Sunday. People from different walks of life, from different languages and cultures gather together. 

He personally supervises ministry departments that cater to the different needs and opportunities across the wide spectrum of language, age, gender, interest, need and profession groups. 

A very powerful speaker in great demand, he touches many hearts with his sense of humor, simplicity and passion. He has also authored several books of which Family: Home or Call Centre, Laws for Christian Corporates and Receiving the Twelve Blessings of Israel have been well received. Pastor Paul’s many audio and video cassettes and CD’s offer comfort and direction to many who are broken and confused in life. 

Being a great organizer and administrator he travels around the globe, imparting his leadership skills at Leadership Seminars. He has in fact trained over 1,74,763 leaders in over 41 countries. 

Pastor Paul carries a burden to help the poor, the needy, the abused, the outcastes, the orphans and the widows. Motivated by what the Bible teaches in Psalms 82:3, 4 “Give fair judgment to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Rescue the poor and the helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people” he has launched various welfare activities in order to help those with great need and for the upliftment of society. 

  • 500-600 widows are provided provisions such as rice, dhal and oil once a month.
  • At Grace Children’s Home around 50 girls are given the best facilities and opportunities – food, clothes, education and above all the best atmosphere.
  • Around 300 physically blind are given provisions, basic medical care and medicines freely.
  • Every Sunday afternoon 1000 poor people from the church are provided with food besides feeding around 600-700 people after the prayer on week days. Together nearly 25,000 – 30,000 people are fed every month.
  • Every Christmas, the hard and sacrificial work of the police department and auto rickshaw drivers who are always taken for granted by people are honored.
  • Monthly support and financial help (for both medical and education needs) is provided to those who are in great financial difficulty.
  • Health camps are organized frequently for the city’s poorest people. Yellow card holders are helped to tap into government funds that they are eligible for through the Minority Department.
  • Basic Computer training and Tailoring Classes are given free to young girls and boys. Many of them have found good placements on completion.
  • People struggling with no jobs are helped to find jobs and are also provided with training in special skills that will help them find the best suitable job.
  • Free Tuitions are given to around 1000 children in slums and in below poverty level.
  • 60 Bore wells have been provided in different Districts of Karnataka to ensure that people have drinking water.
  • During National disasters that struck the people of our Nation like the Tsunami, the floods in Bihar and in Chennai, even the more recent floods in Kerala, several trucks loaded with food, provisions, clothes and all kinds of basic necessities were carried to these different States and distributed.

For all the above humanitarian work, Pastor Paul was conferred with the Best Citizen of India Award(2018) along with many other eminent personalities. Besides this, he was also the recipient of an award from India Book of Records for the “Biggest Sale after Release” for his CD in 2016 and the Bharat Book of Records for setting a “National Record for conducting the most number of events within 23 days by a Church” in 2013. 

Pastor Paul has a loving and supportive family, his wife Dr. Sheba Thangiah and his children, Grace Catherine and Rev. Roger Samuel. Grace is married to Neal Mickey and have a wonderful son, Nathan and Rev. Roger is married to Nicole Lynn and are blessed with two delightful sons, Malachi and Josiah.


Regular Sunday Service Timings
  • 05:45 Kannada & Tamil
  • 07:00 Tamil
  • 08:30 Tamil
  • 10:30 English
  • 10:30 NGS English
  • 12:30 English
  • 16:00 Tamil
  • 18:00 Businessman, Professionals and Corporates.
Our Sunday Service Timing – Live
  • NewHope TV : 08:30am to 12noon
  • Life TV : 16:00hrs
  • FGAG.TV : 05:45am to 14:00pm & 16:00hrs
  • FaceBook : 05:45am to 14:00pm & 16:00hrs
  • YouTube : 05:45am to 14:00pm & 16:00hrs

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