IN HIS TIME – (Bible message by Rev. Shine Thomas)


4 areas of God’s timing :
1. God’s appointed time in the life of Jesus Christ.
a. Appointed time – Chronos
b. Appointed time – Perfect Time

2. God’s appointed time in the Bible.

3. God’s appointed time in my life.

4. God has an appointed time for the end.

Background Music :
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City Harvest AG Church, Bangalore is a multi-lingual full-gospel Assembly of God (AG) Church in Bangalore City, India. Our Vision and Mission is to bring the unreached to Jesus Christ through evangelism, lead them to worship the Almighty God, make them true disciples of Christ with due fellowship with the body of Christ, and cater to the needs of the society through humanitarian services.

Sunday Worship Services
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Sunday School: 8 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am
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in his time
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