Joseph was a fruitful plant – he was a fruitful plant by the fountain of water

Joseph was a fruitful plant – he was a fruitful plant by the fountain of water
Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall: (GENESIS 49:22 KJV).

Today’s verse of promise is “Joseph was a fruitful plant; he was a fruitful plant by the fountain of water;…” (Genesis 49:22). As mentioned in this verse, the Lord has created you as a fruitful plant; He wants you to be like that.

God has chosen you to bear much fruit. He will fill you with His living water and make you a channel of blessing to others.

As I contemplated the life of fruit giving, a heartwarming story came to my mind. A preacher was walking among the wounded on the battlefield.

There he saw a badly injured young man. “Shall I read you some passages from the scriptures?” he asked. He asked, “Sir, I want water. Give me water.” The pastor immediately ran and brought him water.

He said, “My head is hurt. It hurts.” Even though it was winter, without a moment’s thought she took off her outer garment, rolled it up and placed it under the young man’s head like a pillow. Then the boy said, “I’m getting too cold.” The pastor took off his robe and wrapped it around the young man.

After all this had happened the young man said, “If there is a passage in the Bible about giving all to another, read it.” To which the teacher said, “God also sacrificed everything for you and came down as a man.” The young man said, “I want him,” and immediately accepted Jesus, the living water.

Like the preacher in this story, you too can become a fruitful plant today. “My child, you have not known me. But I have known you. I have known you to bear much fruit. I have planted you by the fountain to bear fruit in life, to receive living water,” the Lord tells you directly. Living water refers to Jesus Christ himself.

Beloved, when you keep Jesus in you, and live close to Him, He will fill you daily with His living water; You will bear fruit. The great thing is that everyone around you will receive life through you. What a blessing this is! So ask Jesus, the giver of life, to fill you up. Then you will bear much fruit for His glory.

Lord of love! Thank you for your wonderful promise. I pray that you will put your grace on me right now so that I can bear good fruit and give life to those around me. I surrender my life completely into your loving arms. Help me to live closer to you. Fill me with your living water. Grace me to be like a well-watered garden that brings glory to Your name and is a channel of blessing to many. I pray in Jesus name Good Father, Amen.



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