Mestek Socket Tester Outlet Tester RCD GFCI NCV Test Outlet checker EU US UK Plug Ground Zero Line 30mA Smart Socket Detector

Price: 51.13

Voltage and frequency range:

ST05D:220-250V,50-60Hz(EU PLUG)

ST05B:110-125V,50-60Hz(US PLUG)

ST05E:220-250V,50-60Hz(UK PLUG)

Advanced outlet testers can help you check house wiring and outlet connection polarity, and can also be used to test for earth leakage trips. It is a professional socket tester that can quickly detect whether the wiring of the socket is correct. With RCD test function, it is more practical and safer.

Selling points:

***1.Three kinds of plug for your choice:ST05D(EU),ST05B(US),ST05E(UK).
***2. Portable Socket Tester — Advanced socket tester, used to quickly detect whether the wiring of the socket is correct. Small size, light weight, easy to use. Backlit LCD display with voltage for testing voltage.
***3. RCD function — Designed with RCD button, one key to know the working status of the leakage protector. Great for keeping you safe from the risk of electric shock.
***4. Bright LED Display—Clear and high-brightness screen display, can light up clearly even in strong sunlight, the product can also be used in the dark, allowing you to read quickly.
***5. ST05 socket tester has 6 circuit status display modes—helping you to judge the wiring status simply and quickly. The 6 statuses include: correct wire, missing zero wire, fire zero reverse, missing ground wire, fire ground reverse, mismatch and lack of land.
***6.Wide range of applications – Widely used for electrical maintenance testing, office socket testing, power strip testing and wall socket testing in schools, laboratories, factories and other social areas. Home improvement acceptance and safety inspection, saving you a lot of time testing socket problems.

Details introduction

-The polarity detection of the three hole power socket wiring
-The protection function detection of the leakage switch
-It can quickly and accurately detect the wiring

Widely used

fire protection/laboratory/factory/family

Voltage measurement

1. The normal voltage range of zero fire line is plus or minus 10% of the local standard voltage. If it is too high or too low, it may be because the circuit load is too high or the power supply is too low/ too high.

2.2. The normal voltage of zero-earth wire is less than 2V, if too high maybe it is because there is current leakage, or the three phase-sequence is out of balance or there is signal interference in the circuit.


Please turn off all electrical appliances before using this function,and do so with permission to ensure that the power outage will not cause any harm.

VA color display screen

The high-definition display can see the screen value clearly in the dark environment

Panel introduction

Six Test status analysis show

1.Wire is corect
2.Missing zeo line
3.Missing ground
4.Fire gound reserse
5.Fire zero reserse
6.Mismatch and lack of land

Operation introduction

Technical parameters

Poduct details show

Product accessoies

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