The King James Bible for Today New Testament: The Authorized King James Version in Today’s English

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<Br>the king James Bible for today is an update of the language of authorized king James version of the Bible. There are many translations of the scriptures today but the 1611 king James version is still known as the authorized version. Because of the loyalty to the authorized version it is time to produce a readable king James version for believers of today. This update is not a new translation. It simply updates the language of the most influential translation of the Bible in history to the English language as it is spoken today. Bible readers will be better able to read and understand the word of God. The update of the language of King James version does not alter the original translation it simply makes it a more readable translation for today’s Bible reader.</br> The authorized king James version has had several revisions since it was first printed in 1611. There were minor revisions with the printings between 1611 and 1616. The first major revision was in 1629 in which the apocrypha was dropped. There were other major revisions in 1638 and 1762. The last major revision was in 1769. This 1769 revision is what has been called the authorized king James version ever since. There is a tremendous difference between the 1611 and the 1769 editions of the authorized king James version because 158 years had passed and the English language had changed significantly. It has been 246 years since that 1769 revision and the English language has changed tremendously in those 246 years.</br> <updating the language of the authorized king James version from its 1769 English to present day English is a means of preserving the authorized king James version in the face of all the newer translations. This revision will preserve the authorized king James version of the Bible for many generations to come.</br> work has begun on the old testament for future publication.</br>.

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