Dance Like David – Black Voices Movement lyrics

Dance Like David – Black Voices Movement


I didn’t know this was for me
I tried to give it away
But now I know you’re what I need more than anything
God I live for your fame

You made your sanctuary in my heart
Brightened the darkest of Days
Because your blood has made a way
An now we say let heaven invade

When the ark comes back to the city
When the ark comes back to the streets
When the ark comes back to the city
We’re gonna dance like, David
We’re gonna dance like, David

I hear the sound of the hungry
Distractions out of the way
Until your kingdom is our only priority
Until you take center stage

So place your presence on our shoulders now
And help us carry the weight
Until our people see your face
God today let heaven invade

Cant contain it
God I feel so free
It’s amazing
There is liberty
When I praise you

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