We are a chosen generation Lyrics

We are a chosen generation Lyrics

1.We are a chosen generation
Saved by His glorious grace
We are His Treasured Possession
Blessed by the Lord! Blessed by the
He called you out of the darkness
Into His marvellous light (3)

Declare His Glory, Declare His Praise
Declare His wonderful Name (2)
To raise up a new generation (3)
Jesus is the Lord of all (2)

2. We are a holy nation
Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb
Refined in the fiery afflictions
In the likeness of God, In the likeness of
He chose you out of all nations(2)
To be His Holy race (3)

3. We are His Royal priesthood
Seated on Heavenly realms
Destined to rule with Jesus
Reign with the Lord! Reign with the Lord!
Let’s go to inherit nations
Raise up the Banner of Cross

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