A Martyr’s Example | Acts 6-7 | Gary Hamrick

A Martyr’s Example | Acts 6-7 | Gary Hamrick

The first martyr of the Early Church was a man named Stephen.  He was killed defending his faith in Jesus Christ.  His life and death serve as a great example for Christians today and also challenges us with three questions:  (1) Do I love God more than my own life? (2) Do I forgive others who have wronged me? and (3) Am I prepared to see the Lord when I die?  Pastor Gary teaches through these questions today and encourages us to pray for the same courage and boldness that Stephen had.

00:00 – Introduction
10:25 – Stephen Recalls 1100 years of Jewish History
10:28 – 1) Patriarches (7:2-19) – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
10:44 – 2) Prophets (7:20-43) – Moses
10:56 – 3) Place (7:44-50) – The Temple
11:57 – It’s about a PERSON – Jesus the Messiah
15:31 – 1) Do I love God more than my own life?
23:40 – 2) Do I forgive others who have wronged me?
28:08 – 3) Am I prepared to see the Lord when I die?



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