Angepolen daivame aarullee loke

Angepolen daivame aarullee loke
Angilallathe vereyillen aasrayam
Angil maathram chaarunnenpranapriyane
Angu maathramaanennum entesarvaswam

Aaradhana angekkaaradhana
Enneshuve angekkaradhana (2)

Enne muttumai Njan samarppikkunne
Nin vachanathaal enne kazhukename
Ninte hitham pol enne nadathename
Shudhathmavinaal enne nirakkename

Nin vazhikalil Njan nadakuvaanaay
Vazhi kaatiyaay enne nayikkename
Viswasathil enne urappikkuvaan
Kristhu enna paarayil nirtheedename

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      Christian music inspires and comforts believers globally, blending biblical truths with beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics. This article explores uplifting Christian song lyrics that nurture faith and bring hope in challenging times.


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