Bible Declares Jesus Christ Was Invented by Emperor Constantine

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Revelation 13:13-18 states that the second beast had the power to create an image that had the wound by the sword and did live. It also makes claim that the man who did this had the power to make the image speak and force all to worship it or be killed. There is only one person to whom this claim relates – the Emperor Constantine, who in 325AC (after Caesar) established the Catholic Church. He called together an Assembly of all the religious preachers of his day at Nicaea and there was born the religion that has had the most influence over world affairs ever since.

With full memory of my reincarnation and born with a degree of spirituality that connects me to the Spirit of the Universe it was no surprise when visions were given that started a massive research into religious roots coupled with those of language. Tracing symbols and sounds to their roots the evidence of past behaviour is in every site and remnant of human activity reaching back to the Stone Age.

Using signs to pass on philosophical dreams about the mysteries of creation and of life itself the most primitive of thinking can be explored in academic areas of archaeology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy. To gain more knowledge and to prove the visions it was essential to test them in the academic arena through a double degree and honors in archaeology.

One morning these words stood up in the air before my eyes while I was dressing. CONSTANTINE IS 666, was written in large black capital letters. At that stage my knowledge of him was minimal but the encyclopaedia helped fill in the gaps. This Roman Caesar came to the purple in England where further research showed he was born. His father, Constantius, was ruler over Britain when he died and his son took over.

Constantine and Constantius are both ‘constant’ in England and the son was, therefore, Constant II. The puzzle was a continuing one until all the answers were found. Led to the numbering system in the ancient Assyrian alphabet the letters were added along with the 2. To my surprise they reveal the total to be 666. After that many things fell into place.

The Amorites invaded Italy and built Roma on a site with seven hills. Their previous capital, Mari, was also built on seven hills. Mari in English is Mary and through my linguistic discovering it is as ‘ma-r-i’ which means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. This was the identity of the sun and all of the delegates at the Council of Nicaea were sun worshippers. There is no other form of a divinity in all of the records prior to this time.

Told to research the origin of the cross an amazing thing happened. The local library had nothing in its catalogue about it. Searching likely connections the only thing that came to light is that the cross is a magic charm. What did seem likely was a book about ancient societies that was in a certain place in the room. Heading there and with not another soul around a book suddenly fell off the shelf about a meter in front of me. It lay open on the floor and there on the page were hand drawn crosses. It turned out that it was a work by a German archaeologist, Mallart, who found symbols of this nature on the walls of a cave in Southern Turkey.

He also located ancient cities and one in particular, Çatál Húyak, was of particular interest. It had chapels where the Mother God was featured as an icon and where headless bodies were drawn dancing. On the floor were human skulls beneath a drawing of her and placed in a designated area enclosed by bull horns. The bull featured on the walls as well.

This fits the scenario of the religion of Egypt and other areas where the Mother God is often depicted as a cow. It also demonstrated that the Assyrian religion of that area was Islamic. Tracing Constantine’s root back to the Amorites through his Roman links and to the Assyrian religion proved that he resurrected the ancient form of worship in the religion he created at Nicaea.

‘Roma’ reversed is ‘amor’ and it was the Amorites who established the city after their previous capital Mari was destroyed by earthquake. With everything now pieced together there is evidence to show that what is stated in Revelation 13 is absolutely related to the Emperor Constantine and his invention of Jesus Christ. His goal, according to some contemporary authors like Zosoman, was to gain more control and a tighter grip on the empire after he attained sole rule.

The Vatican he built over the temple of Jupiter provided a parliament to exercise absolute control of the masses. He handed the members power over life and death and they used it well to force acceptance of the lies he put in place. His history is one of violence, murder, theft and dishonesty and his ways have caused the same as exercised through those who serve his cause. Only through his English name is the solution to the puzzle possible and now, through the Internet, this is the most widely spoken language. It is the time for the Spirit to bring him undone.

Source by Norma Holt

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