Come and See (Table to the Tomb) LYRICS

Come and See (Table to the Tomb) LYRICS

At the table, the upper room where we reclined
You raised the cup and said your blood it was the wine
You said your body would be broken like this bread
It was a kind of love that we just could not comprehend – Lai, Lai, Lai

There in the garden, falling on your knees you prayed
Abba Father won’t you take this cup away
Then your betrayer, with an army entered in
Trading your love for 30-shekels and a kiss – Lai, Lai, Lai

Your body beaten, a crown of thorns upon your head
They nailed you to the tree, your final words you said
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
Then it was finished, they laid you in the borrowed tomb – Lai, Lai, Lai

In early morning, it was before the break of day
The earth it trembled and the stone was rolled away
The tomb was empty love had conquered over sin
An invitation that we all may enter in – Lai, Lai, Lai

Come and see, come and see where He lay
Hear the angel saying “do not be afraid”
He’s not here, He is risen Hallelujah

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