Does sin bar your path to draw near His light

Does sin bar your path to draw near His light?
Does sin cloak your sight from His grace’s embrace?

He comes not to shatter, but to embrace with love;
His cross breaks the chains that bind your heart’s fortress.

Draw close, for He is your guiding light.
Fear not humiliation, He glorifies you.
Draw close, for He is your saviour.
In the depths of His grace, your life will be rejuvenated.

Why fret in solitude, feeling forsaken?
His embrace soothes you like a child,
Who, akin to him, comprehends your heart’s deepest longing?
In Him, you find solace.

Let holiness lift the weight off your shoulders,
Your faith, guiding you through the night.
Surrender to Him, He Who protects you.
For in His hands, miracles unfold.

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