Equippers Worship – Upper Room (Lyrics)

Equippers Worship – Upper Room (Lyrics)

Equippers Worship – Upper Room (Lyrics)
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Upper Room (Lyrics)

Verse 1
This is a space for worship
Put all else aside
This a space for reverence
Come and glorify
This is a space for Jesus
Fall down at His feet
This is surrender
This is surrender

Verse 2
This is a space for children
Hear the Father’s heart
This is a space for broken
Come just as you are
This is a space for healing
Feel His warm embrace
This is encounter
This is encounter

In this Upper Room I give You my heart
In this Upper Room Lord set me apart for You
And all that is within me will praise
Praise Your name
Praise Your name
Verse 3
This is a space for Spirit
Pour afresh Your fire
This is space for Heaven
Come and show Your power
This is a space for freedom
Kingdom breaking through
This is revival
This is revival
This is revival
This is revival

Holy, holy, holy are You Lord
Are You Lord
Wholly, wholly, wholly I am Yours
I am Yours

Bridge 2
Take this space and do
Whatever You want to
Whatever You want to
Holy Spirit move
However You want to
However You want to

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