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🎅It’s a new Winter brain break the entire family can enjoy – Save your favorite Christmas Music🎶 Christmas Edition. A Winter brain break for the Christmas holiday. GoNoodle Inspired. Similar to Would You Rather / This or That/ Pick One, Kick One Brain Breaks but with a new FUN twist.

And remember the best hustle is the Fitness Hustle!


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✨This Month’s Mix Of Games:

⭐️ 0:03 How To Play
⭐️ 0:22 Round 1
⭐️ 1:01 Round 2
⭐️ 1:40 Round 3
⭐️ 2:19 Round 4
⭐️ 2:58 Round 5
⭐️ 3:37 Round 6
⭐️ 4:16 Round 7
⭐️ 4:55 Round 8
⭐️ 5:34 Round 9
⭐️ 6:13 Round 10
⭐️ 6:52 Shoutouts
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🎅 Save your favorite song, Christmas game – makes the perfect brain break and family fitness games for all ages! It’s a great Christmas workout game made just for all ages. It helps provide a great workout / exercise. If you enjoy freeze dance or just dance games, then you will definitely love this or that/ pick one, kick one / would you rather game! Get your students up and active with this fun workout game. Energizers and interactive activities make for fun classroom games or as a stay at home fitness game!

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