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This Beautiful Christmas Carol Is About A Calm And Bright Silent Night, And Wonder Of A Tender And Mild New Born Child Jesus…..

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An Austrian priest Joseph Mohr wrote this Carol in 1816 in German Language originally called
“Stille Nacht”

The Church organist Franz Xaver Gruber Composed this Carol two years later in 1818.

Episcopalian Bishop John Freeman Young published the English translation in 1859, that is most frequently sung today.

This Carol is sung and enjoyed around the world over 140 languages.

D P Makwana has translated this Carol in Gujarati, which can be found in “Bhajan Sangrah” (Gujarati Hymn Book ) No.60

I am grateful to Bishop Of Gujarat Rt. Rev Vinodkumar Malaviya Uncle, Johnsonbhai (Guru) and Sanjay Malaviya for giving me this opportunity to Arrange the Music for this Album.

A very Special Thanks to Appubhai for giving very Soulful Vocals to this most popular Christmas Carol.
Praise The “LORD”

Album: Bhajanawali (Vol-3)
Singer: Edwin Vaz (Appu)
Music: Rocky Zain

Co-ordinator: Johnson Daniel, Sanjay Malaviya
Project Committee: Ruben Christie (Treasurer & Convenor), Johnson Daniel, Nelson Damor, Sanjay Malaviya.
Sound Engineered & Mixed By: Mahesh Joshi
Audio Album Published by CNI Gujarat Diocese

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