Still Blessed By God

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Still Blessed By God

Still Blessed By God
Composition by Brother Robert John Serrano
Arrangement & Vocals by Sister Ashley David

1.There are moments in your life
When you stumble in the dark When you’re struggling
to make it through the night
So you close your eyes and pray
And to God you humbly say; “I am here, please draw near
Show me the way.”

And you look up to a glimmering night sky!
And you smile at the light of the stars!
What you feel in the air,
What’s been there all around you;
God’s love!
You’re still blessed by God.
You’re still blessed by God.

2.And so forth you walk
With a spring in your step
As you wait for the dawning of day
You fear no shadows
That lurk in the dusk
For God’s love will light the way!

Keep God’s words ever close,
close to your heart
Don’t let go, hold on, fight the good fight
No matter the darkness that covers the night
We have God’s light!

Last Chorus
You will look up to a glimmering night sky
You will smile at the light of the stars
You will feel it in the air,
Everywhere, all around you
God’s love,
You’re still blessed by God.
You’re still blessed by God.

Minus one starts at 2:56



G – C/G – D/F# – G
G – C/G – D/F# – D/F#
G – C/G – D/F# – G
Am7 – C6 – D – D

Csus2 – C(add9) – G – D
Csus2 – C(add9) – D – D
Csus2 – C(add9) – G – D
Csus2 – Am7 – D – D

C(add9) – Bm7 – Em7 – D
C(add9) – Bm7 – Em7 – D
Am7 – Bm7 – C(add9) – D

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