The beginning and the end Amen

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The beginning and the end Amen
Alpha Omega and Amen
His name in heaven is Amen
My Savior Amen

The word of Jesus never perishes Amen
It will all work Amen

Rest in peace, Amen
May the Almighty shade us, Amen-
Evil will not come, Amen
Amen will not approach a word

Amen to the songs
Bear our sorrows Amen
By the scar of Jesus we are healed Amen
We are no longer weak, Amen

Amen will turn the captivity
He will fill us with laughter Amen
Amen returned the captivity
Amen filled us with laughter
We sowed with tears Amen
Now let’s be brave, Amen

No genetic disease Amen
Our genes have changed Amen
Born on the cross, Amen
Nothing pending Amen

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      Christian music has long been a powerful source of inspiration, comfort, and encouragement for believers around the world. Rooted in biblical truths and themes, Christian songs offer a unique blend of beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners. In this article, we will explore some of the most uplifting Christian song lyrics that continue to resonate with people, nurturing their faith and bringing hope in challenging times.


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