Yahova raja hai samarth se bhara Lyrics

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Yahova raja hai samarth se bhara Lyrics

Yahova raja hai samarth se bhara
Anadee Parmeshwar woh na Talega


Yugo se Yugo tak ek hi hai Raja
Mahima ke sihansan par baitha badshah
Woh hai mahaan Sarvashaktiman
Uski hukumat aur Uska hi pratap
Sada Raja

Verse 2:

Samundar ki lehero se Yahova Hai mahaan
Parvat ki unchai se uncha YESHU naam

Yahova raja hai samarth se bhara Meaning in English

Jehovah the King is full of power
The Eternal God, He remains steadfast


From age to age there is only one King
The Ruler sits on the throne of Glory
He is great and almighty
May His reign and His glory be renowned
Forever King

Verse 2:
Jehovah is greater than the waves of the sea
Jesus’ name is Higher than the mountains

“Sada Raja” is a powerful worship anthem from Nations of Worship, that proclaims the might and glory of God as King forever. With soaring vocals and uplifting instrumentals, this song celebrates God’s reign and rule over all things.
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