You’re calling me out -Lay It Down

You’re calling me out
Further than I’ve ever gone before
You’re calling me deeper
Drawing me to go beyond the shore
Daring to hope
Even though I’ve tried to hope before
If You say so, I will let go

I will lay it down, I will lay it down
I will lay it down at Your feet Lord
I will lay it down, I will lay it down
Have Your way in me

You’re drawing me close
Though my heart may fail, You hold me still
You’re drawing me nearer
In the deepest night Your light’s revealed
Daring to hope
‘Cause I know that You are faithful still
If You say so, I will let go


Everything that I have
Everything that I am
Lord, my life is in Your hands
I trust You

In the rise and in the fall
You’re the voice that leads me on
There’s no need to doubt at all
I trust You


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