Aap Kahe Toh Sab Kuch Hoga – Masihi Geet

Mohan Chinnasamy
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Song Lyrics :

Aap Kahe Toh Sab Kuch Hoga
Aapke Vachano Se Jeevan Paavunga
Aapki Aakhen Mujhe Dhunde
Mei Toota Toh Neerash Ho Jaate Ho
Aapki Daya Aur Har Ek Vachan
Mere Jeevan Ko Thaamega

Balheen Na Kahete Hue
Balvaanhu kahunga mein
Bimaar Na Kahete Hue
Changa hu Kahunga Mein

Mujh Paapi Ko Na Thukh-Raaya
Baahon Mein Mujh-ko Pyaar Se Liya
Pari-haas aur Bhook aur Pyaas Tujh-se
Judha Nahi Karr Paaye-ga

Apne Pyaar Ko Saabit Karne
Mere khatir Aap Kuruban hue
Aapke Seenae Se Laga hi Rahunga
Chumban Se Vishraam Karunga

Teri Aaradhana
Teri Aaradhana
Teri Stuti Ho
Tera Naam Ucha Ho

English meaning of the song :

If you say ,everything will change
With your Word my soul will live
Your Grace and your word will hold my life

I never say I’m weak I’ll say I am strong
I never say I am sick , I’ll say I’m healthy

You never pushed me away though I am a sinner
You hugged me with your love
Humiliation and hunger will never take me away from you

Faithful God to shower your love
You sacrificed your own life for me
on your chest, I’ll rest my head daily
I’ll kiss and live with you .

I will Worship you Lord
I will Worship you Lord
I will Praise you Lord
I will raise your name high

Tamil Version

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