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Official Music Video for Maverick City Music’s “God of Israel” feat. Naomi Raine & Maryanne J. George. “God of Israel” was written by Naomi Raine, Maryanne J. George, and Adele Jackson and this video was captured during a live recording by Maverick City Music.

“God of Israel” feat. Naomi Raine & Maryanne J. George and will be featured on Maverick City Music’s up and coming release, “Jubilee” releasing exclusively on the TRIBL app Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 and EVERYWHERE you stream music February 26th, 2021.

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There is no God like the God of Israel
Eternal One my – ever-present help

Your praise goes on forever
Your praise goes on forever

You are the one who beautifies my days
With faithful love, you meet me face to face

I’ll sing your song forever
I’ll sing your song forever

You ride across the heavens to help the ones you love
In your majestic splendor, You lift us up You lift us up
Our enemies will scatter as we worship at your feet
Oh God of Israel, We lift you up, We lift you up
Oh God of Israel, We lift you up

We’re crying Holy Holy,
Is the Lord God Almighty
We join the host of heaven
Holy, Holy

We’re singing Worthy, Worthy
Unmatched in power and glory
Eternal song arising
Worthy, Worthy

TRIBL’s mission is to be the home of live, moment-driven worship. We hope these songs and moments bring encounter with God’s Presence and continue to be a place where His heart is revealed.

Let’s unite the tribes, together.

#GodofIsrael #MavCity #Jubilee

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