Paaduven – Stella Ramola | Tamil Christian Song

Paaduven – Stella Ramola | Tamil Christian Song

paaduvaen paravasamaakuvaen
paranthodum innalae

1.alaiyalaiyaay thunpam
soolnthu nilai kalangi aalththaiyil
alaikadal thaduththu naduvali
viduththu kadaththiyae senta karththanai

2.entu maarum enthan thuyaram
ente manamum aengaiyil
maaraavin kasappai mathuramumaakki
makilviththa makipanaiyae

3.ontumilaa verumai nilaiyil
uthavuvaarattup pokaiyil
kanmalai pilanthu thannnneerai
suranthu thaakam theerththa thayavai

4.vanaanthiramaay vaalkkai maari
pattini sanjalam naerkaiyil
vaanamannaavaalnjaanamaay poshiththa
kaannaatha mannaa Yesuvai

5.ennnnirantha ethirppinootae
aelanamum sernthu thaakkaiyil
thunpapperukkilum inmukam kaatti
jeyageetham kaaththavarai

As you sing, your troubles will fly away as this song says. Join Stella Ramola in this classic Tamil song that she sang in Bangalore at the Family Blessing Meeting.

Music credits:
Original song by Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran
Keys, mix and master – Daniel Davidson
Guitar – Franklin Simon
Drums – Blessen Sabu
Backing vocals – Jacob Daniel
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