Pyaar Karu | Hindi Worship Song – Shelley Reddy

Song: Pyaar Karu
Written & Composed: Shelley Reddy
Mix, Mastered and Produced by: Nyzel D’lima
Video By: Jireh Photography and Films| Tushar Ghodke

Pyaar Karu Itna Pyaar Karu
(I love you so much)
Bhul Jau Ki Main Kaun hun
(That I forget who I am)
Bhul Jau Ki Main Kahan Hun
(That I forget where i am)

Jaise Pitha Ne Mujhse Pyaar Kiya
(As Father loved me)
Badle Main Pyaar Karu
(In the same way I will love Him)
Aisa Pyaar Karu
(I will love Him in such a way)
Aisa Pyaar Karu
(I will love Him in such a way)
Itna Pyaar Karu
(I will love Him so much)
Bohot Pyaar Karu
(I will love Him very much)
Bhul Jau Ki Main Kaun Hun
(That I forget who I am)
Bhul Jau Ki Main Kahan Hun
(That I forget where I am)

Pavitra Aatma
(Holy Spirit)
Mujh Ko Sikha
(You teach me)
Pitha Se Main Pyaar Karu
(To love God the Father)
Chorus: Aisa….

Story Behind Pyaar Karu:
It was on the 28th of Jan 2018 I was at a conference called Ignite in Mumbai. At the end of the conference Amit Kamble bhaiya led the last song ‘Kuch nahi kuchi nahi chaiye Khuda’. The presence of God was so thick in that auditorium that I got lost in God’s presence. I could feel the love of God all over me. Though the auditorium was full of people however I felt as if I was all alone there.. Just me and my God. I realized it was so important for me to love and worship God by forgetting who I am, my position, my ability, my achievements and acknowledge the ONE who is the Great I AM who deserves all our love and attention.Because all that matters is God. I remember I was singing in tongues and the Holy Spirit filled my mouth with these words ‘Pyaar Karu Itna Pyaar Karu, bhul jau ki main kaun hun… bhul jau ki main kahan hun’.I quickly took my phone and recorded these words so that I don’t miss any word, as the Lord was talking to me.

Friends, at times while worshiping God we have so many things going in our mind, so many thoughts, sometimes we’re shy to lift up our hands or even kneel down, we think what people might think. But let me tell you this, the moment you forget who you are, where you are…That’s when you can worship God in Spirit and in Truth. This song has helped me to get lost in God’s love and has also helped me to love him back. I’m sure the words of this song will help you to love God even more and have an intimate relationship with Jesus.
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