“Wan Mynsiem Bakhuid” | Khasi Worship Song| Come Holy Spirit.

“Wan Mynsiem Bakhuid” | Khasi Worship Song| Come Holy Spirit.

Composer and producer:- Matbiangthew Shadap.
Instagram: http://tiny.cc/8g2z8y
Facebook: http://tiny.cc/o22z8y

Cinematography and Editing:- Josiah Lyngwa (The Happy Crew).
Instagram: http://tiny.cc/wa3z8y

Recorded and mixed by Matbiangthew Shadap.

Keys & Organ: Ame-u-toshan Lyngdoh, J. Dame Tariang & Matbiangthew Shadap.
Strings arrangement: Matbiangthew Shadap.
Drums: Nathaniel Wahlang.
Bass: Balajied Thankhiew.

J Dame Tariang.
Deimaphimo Mawa.
Philabetshwa Nongrum.
Ibetlin Lyngwi.
Ibarihun Kharlukhi.
Ibandalin Nongsiej.
Sharely Babet Suting.

This song is about us (the church) worshiping God and asking the Holy Spirit to quench our thirst for His anointing and His presence.
We (the church) are singing, we need and thirst for the Holy Spirit more and more.
It is also a prayer that the Holy spirit will reveal Jesus in our midst [John 15:26-27],[John 16:8-11],[John 16:318; 8:46; 15:22].
It is the Holy Spirit that carries Jesus’ mission of revealing God the Father and through the Holy Spirit Jesus
continues to confront the world as He did personally two thousand years ago. Jesus sent the Spirit to us John 15:26.

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Wan Mynsiem Bakhuid,
Ngi dang iai thrang;
Ha jinglong khuid jong me,
Bad ha ka burom.

Wan ban pynpaw I’u Jisu Trai;
Wan ban pynsleh da bor ba khraw.

Ngin rah ki kti ban mane;
Ia la u Syiem Jisu Trai;
Da jingsngewrit ngi pyndem;
Ban mane tang ia Me.
A special Thanks to the YAWSHAH Team members for their prayers and help.
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