En kangal Thurannu (Aadyanum Andyanum)|| Anil Adoor || New Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs 2023

En kangal Thurannu (Aadyanum Andyanum)|| Anil Adoor || New Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs 2023

Lyrics & Music and Vocal : Anil Adoor
Music Arrangement : Febin chacko
Guitar & Bass : Keba Jeremiah
Flute : Jijin Raj
Drums : David Joseph
Studio : Navaneetham
Mix & Master : Sijin Varghese
Special Thanks : Livingston Stanly Don Paul , Dsharp Factory , Aaron S R ,Shiji Gee Varghese
Backing Harmony:Blessy Febin,Febin Chacko
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This life is a beautiful gift of God. Life can get both fair and unfair at  times. We find ourselves fighting battles (some meaningful and some meaningless) and  believe they are here to stay. Many call life a race and some don’t even know why they  are running it. In the midst of it all  we pray that God’s pure light  would lead your way and you would know He truly cares.
We pray that God would provide for you the comfort and strength He has promised  His  children and that you would discover the freedom in trusting the One who will  never let  you down. The Lord builds both our character and competence for HIS glory in us.
God has been gracious and we are here not by our strength but by His faithfulness.  He  built us brick by brick while we stood lifting our hands in worship. Our prayer is that this family at “Pastor Anil Adoor” would abound in God’s love, goodness and grace. We pray that you would find God in this place and time of your life. There is hope and rest in Him for all who are Seeking. We pray you wouldn’t miss it.

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