New Hindi Christian Song 2021 | Sirf Tu-Sayyed Badshah | Ft. Nyzel D’lima Joseph Raj Kenneth Silway

New Hindi Christian Song 2021 | Sirf Tu-Sayyed Badshah | Ft. Nyzel D’lima Joseph Raj Kenneth Silway

This Song is dedicated to the children who are homeless and abandoned.

“There are over 20 million orphans in India; more than the total population of Sri Lanka, and 18 million street children in India.” – Times of India

Sirf Tu” means “Only You”. This song was birthed during my time of prayer one morning on a ministry trip in Sangli, Minaj. During that season of life I had been experiencing loneliness and many struggles, realizing that I didn’t have many friends or a family, but I had God alone. The song talks about Jesus being the One who is constant even if the world around is falling apart. Later, my friend Neemo (Nehamaiha Kuluthangan) also contributed to the lyrics.
Sirf Yeshua! Only Jesus!

SIRF TU – Sayyed Badshah ft. Kenneth Silway, Joseph Raj Allam & Nyzel D’lima

Song Writers: Sayyed Badshah, Nehemiah Kulothungan

Composition: Sayyed Badshah, Joshua Samuel

Modified By : Sheldon Bangera, Joshua Samuel, Kenneth Silway, Nyzel D’lima, Joseph Raj Allam

Cinematography and Edit – Benjie Rajan
Camera Assistant – Denzil Lopes
Lights – Shocks N Wavez
Fashion Stylist – Sarthika Singha
Hair & Makeup – Sona Dhulia
Photography – Jerry James
Location – Apostolic Centre, Mumbai

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