Nithiyam Nithiyamanavarae song lyrics


Nithiyam Nithiyamanavarae
Ummai Aarathikindraen
Vallamai Vallamai Ullavarae
Ummai Aarathikindraen (2)

En Karangalai Thatti Ummai Paaduvaen
En Kaikalai Uyarthi Ummai Thuthipaen (2)

1. Singa Kugaiyil Veezhthinaalum
Athu Ennai Theendamal Kaatherae
Akkini Juwalayil Thalinaalum
Naan Vegamal Ennodu Ulavineerae (2)

2. Sagotharar Ennai Veruthaalum
Ennai Vitraalum
Pazhikal Enmael Sumarnthaalum
Thesathil Ennai Uyarthineerae (2)

3. Nanbar Ennai Thushithaalum
Noyinaal Thudithu Vaadinaalum
Ellamae Izhanthu Ponaalum
Rattipai Aseer Thantherae (2)

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