Rastak- Ey Yar – Iranian Folk Song from South of Iran (گروه رستاک- ای یار)

”Ey Yar”, released in the album: Among Eternal Suns
You can get ”Among Eternal Suns” here:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/among-eternal-suns/1189103004?l=en
Beeptunes: http://beeptunes.com/album/519210815

Band Director & Tar player: Siamak Sepehri
Vocalist & Oud player: Farzad Moradi
Vocalist & Dohol player: Behzad Moradi
Tar: Akbar Esmailipour
Qanun: Saba Jamali
Ney Jofti: Hamed Boland Hemmat
Alto Kamancheh: Dina Doosti
Kamancheh: Mohammad Mazhari
Double Bass: Sepehr Saadati
Bass Qeychak: Bita Ghasemi
Tin Drum & Udu: Omid Mostafavi
Kasser: Negar Ezazi
Pipeh: Yavar Ahmadifar
Dom Dom: Farzad Khorshidsavar

Executive Director: Mehdi Farshchi
Producer: Majid Mohseni
Production Company: Honar Aval

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