Yoruba Praise Medley song Lyrics

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Yoruba Praise Medley song Lyrics

1.Oyigiyigi o o o,
Alagbawi eda a a
Alakoso orun
Eyin ma lo logo julo

Indestructible Rock
Our defence counsel
Co-rdinator of haven
Yours is the greatest glory

2.Ogo yi Oluwa ye Ogo yi/2x
Ma se je ko baje
Ma se je ko daru
Ma se je ko baje o
Oluwa ye ogo yi

This glory, Lord this glory/2x
Do not let it be destroyed
Do not let it be separated
Do not let it be destroyed
Lord this glory

3.Oniduro mi eseun o/2x
Bo ba j’enia lo duro ni
won ati ma soro
Bo ba j’enia lo duro ni
won ati sa lo
Bo ba je enia lo duro ni
won ati ma siregun

My defender, I thank You/2x
If it was a human, they would have complain
If it was a human, they would have forsaking me
If it was human, they would have brag
My defender, I thank You

4.Baba agba, Arugbo ojo
Iwo loye, lati gba ogo
Iwo loye

Great Grandfather,
Ancient of days
You are worthy of all the glory
You are worthy

5.S’eni ma dupe
S’eni ma yin O o
Ain’iye lore Jesu
S’eni ma dupe o Baba

I am going to thank You
I am going to praise you
Your blessings are uncountable
I give thanks to you my Father

6.Ese mo ri anu gba
Ese mo ri anu gba
Tori ki se gbogbo eniyan
lo ri anu gba

I’m thankful that I received mercy
I’m thankful that I received Mercy
Because it’s not everyone
that received mercy

7.Olore mi
Olore mi o
Kini ma fi San fun o o
Olore mi

My Helper
My Helper
How will I repay you
My Helper

8.Eyin ni Baba toto Baba, Eyin ni Baba toju Baba

You are the Father, able Father
You are the Father, more than a Father

9.O se mi l’anu
Ma pologo re
Oba to se mi l’anu
E e e, A a a
Ma pologo re

You have shown me
I will proclaim You
The King that showed me mercy
E e e, A a a,
I will proclaim You

10.Mo Yin O L’ogo o (2x)
Ibi e sin mi de
Mi O mo pe mo le de be o
Mo yin O L’ogo o

I praise you Lord (2x)
You’ve brought me where
I never thought I could ever reach
I Praise you Lord

11.Oba nla l’Olorun wa o
Oba nla l’Olorun wa

Our God is a great God
Our God is a great God

12.Oluwa mi dara o
O dara, O dara o, O dara o
O dara O dara o

My Lord is good o
He’s good, He’s good o,
He’s good
He’s good, He’s good o


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