En Paadhangal Kalmeedhu Idaraamal

En Paadhangal Kalmeedhu Idaraamal

En Paadhangal Kalmeedhu Idaraamal
(He saves my feet from stumbling against the stone)
Kan Vaithu Kaappavarae
(The One who Keeps His eyes on me and protects me)
Eppakkam Sathuru Muyandraalum
(Whichever side the enemy tries to enter)
Nadu Nindru Kaappavarae
(The One who stands in the middle ,protects me)

El-Moshaah Ennai Kaappavarae
(El-Moshaah, The One who protects me)
El-Moshaah Uruvaakkinirae
(El-Moshaah, You created me!)

Urukkulaindha Yaakkoabennai
(When I was distorted like Jacob)
Isravaelaai Maatrinirae
(You transformed me into Israel)

Verse 1:
Akkini Soolayil Erindha Podhu
(When I was thrown into the burning fiery furnace)
En Pakkam Nindravarae
(He stood by my side)
Karugina Vaasanai illaamalae
(Without even a trace of the smell of burning)
Karuthodu Kaathavarae
(He Protected me with care)

Verse 2:
Aayiram Thadai Vazhi Maraithaalum
(Even if thousands of obstacles stand in the way)
Konjamum Bayamillayae
(I have not even a little fear)
Anuppiya Dhevan Neer Periyavarae
(The God who has sent me, You are Great indeed!)
Thadayilum Periyavarae
(Greater than any obstacle)

Verse 3:
Yesu ennai Azhaithare
(Jesus called me)
Yesu ennai Viduvithaare
(Jesus delivered me)
Urukulaindha Paavi-yennai
(I was a sinner who was shapeless)
Needhimaanai Maatrinare
(You changed me into a righteous one)

என் பாதங்கள் கல் மீது இடறாமல் – En Paadhangal Kalmeedhu Idaraamal

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