Olorun to da Awon Oke Igbani Lyrics Video (With English Translation)|Evergreen Yoruba Worship Songs

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This video is Lyrics Video of Evergreen Yoruba Worship Songs |Olorun to da Awon Oke igbani
Lyrics video by Noble Omoniyi

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Olorun t’o da awon Oke Igbani
(Oh God who created mountains of those days)

Eyin ni mo fi Ope mi fun
(Only You we give all our praise)

T’ani N’wo tun gbe ga O
(Who else must be lifted up)

Bi Ko se Baba l’oke?
(If not You our heavenly Father?)

Tani N’wo tun fi gbogbo ope mi fun
(Who then must be given all my praise)

E J’oun t’aiye n pe yin lo
(You are bigger than what people say )

Jehovah E J’oun t’aiye n pe yin lo
(Jehovah You are bigger than what people say )

Tori na lese un je Oluwa
(That is why your Called the Lord)
elese elewi elewi elese
(What you say you will do, that is what you will do)
tori na lese n je Oluwa
(That is why you are called the Lord)

Ola lewo laso,
(You are clothed with honor)
ogo laso ileke
(glory is the cloak)

Iyin legun lesin
(you ride on praises like horse)

awa maridi eledumare
(you’re unsearchable God)

Wiwa ti mo wa laiye
(My being alive)

Agbara mi ko
(It is not by my power)

Wiwa ti mo wa laiye
(My being alive)

ogo ni fun oruko re
(Glory to your name)

Kabi o osi o
(You are unquestionable)
You are the Lord of heaven and the earth

Kabi o osi o
(You are unquestionable)
Kabi o osi o
(You are unquestionable

Eyin l’ana o
(You are the same yesterday)

eyin l’oni o
(You are the same today)

eyin lola o
(You are the same tomorrow)

eyin l’ojo gbogbo
(You are the same forever)

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