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Christian weddings are characterized by their solemnity, love, and the celebration of a lifelong commitment between two individuals. Music plays a vital role in setting the tone and adding an element of spirituality to these joyous occasions. Tamil Christian marriage songs are deeply rooted in tradition, carrying heartfelt lyrics that reflect the values and beliefs of the faith. In this article, we present a collection of Tamil Christian marriage songs’ lyrics that encapsulate the beauty and sanctity of these sacred unions.

  1. “Maname Nee” (மனமே நீ): Lyrics: Maname Nee Varuvai Enaipadi Yengum Irulai Neekki Nee Valarthai Mudithida Vendum

Meaning: Oh Lord, please enter my heart and remove the darkness, Nurture and complete the bond between us.

  1. “Deva Anbu” (தேவா அன்பு): Lyrics: Deva Anbu Kaadhal Anaithum Sollum Kaathalai Pudhu Vaarthai Vaipen Kaathalil Uruvam Vendum

Meaning: God’s love tells us everything about love, I will utter new words of love, Love requires unity.

  1. “Thirumana Naal Valthukkal” (திருமண நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்): Lyrics: Thirumana Naal Valthukkal Kaakum Idhazhgal Nee Aaga Vendum Un Paadham Endhan Vazhkaiyil

Meaning: Congratulations on your wedding day, May your eyes be filled with joy, Your footsteps guide my life.

  1. “Uyirthezhunthathae” (உயிர்தெழுந்ததே): Lyrics: Uyirthezhunthathae Ummai Maravaadhe Uyir Theerkum Vazhkai Neekka Vendum Kaathalodu Iraivan Vaazhnthiduvom

Meaning: Do not forget the one who gave you life, We need to live a life that pleases Him, Let’s live with love for God.

  1. “Thaayai Pola” (தாயை போல): Lyrics: Thaayai Pola Thanthai Pola Aasai Thangathae Unnai Kaanumbothu Antha Kaatru Neeyum Vizhunthiduven

Meaning: Like a mother, like a father, When the desire finds you, I will also be touched by that breeze.

Tamil Christians Songs Lyrics

Christian music has long been a powerful source of inspiration, comfort, and encouragement for believers around the world. Rooted in biblical truths and themes, Christian songs offer a unique blend of beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners. In this article, we will explore some of the most uplifting Christian song lyrics that continue to resonate with people, nurturing their faith and bringing hope in challenging times.


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