Jis Din Mein Cover- Shelley Reddy – Neer Illatha Nallellam – Neevu Leni Rozantha – Song lyrics

Jis Din Mein Tu Na Ho,
Woh Din Hi Nahi,
Jis Jeevan Mein Tu Na,
Woh Jeevan Nahi,

Jeevan Ka Jharna, Tu Hi Hai.
Sach Ki Raah, Tu Hi Hai.
Rishto Ka Janma, Tu Hi Hai.
Mere Dil Ki Khushi, Tu Hi Hai.

Kshamtaein Meri, Tu Hi Hai.
Taakat Meri, Tu Hi Hai.

Rakshak Mera, Tu Hi Hai.
Killa Mera, Tu Hi Hai.


A day without You
Is not a day
A life without you
Is not a life.

You are the Fountain of Life
You Are the Path of Truth
You are the Origin of Relation
You are the Joy of my Heart

You are my Capability
You are my Strength

You are my Protector
You are my Fortress

Neer Illatha Nallellam Naalaguma
Neer Illatha Vaazhvellam Vaalzhvaguma

Neevu Leni Rozantha, Rozavna
Neevu Leni Bratukantha, Bratukavna

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