Index of Notable Bible Names

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Index of Notable Bible Names

The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is filled with a vast array of characters whose lives and stories contribute to the rich tapestry of biblical history. Below is an index of some of the most notable names mentioned in the Bible, along with a brief description of each.


  • Abraham: The patriarch of the Israelites, Christians, and Muslims; originally named Abram.
  • Adam: The first man created by God.
  • Amos: A prophet who authored the Book of Amos.
  • Aaron: Brother of Moses and the first high priest of Israel.
  • Absalom: Son of King David who rebelled against his father.


  • Barnabas: An early Christian disciple and companion of Paul.
  • Bathsheba: Wife of King David and mother of Solomon.
  • Benjamin: The youngest son of Jacob and Rachel.


  • Cain: The firstborn son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother Abel.
  • Caiaphas: The high priest who presided over the trial of Jesus.
  • Caleb: One of the twelve spies sent by Moses to explore Canaan.


  • Daniel: A prophet known for his faithfulness to God in the lion’s den.
  • David: The second king of Israel, a man after God’s own heart, and author of many Psalms.
  • Deborah: A prophetess and judge of Israel.


  • Eli: A high priest and judge of Israel who mentored Samuel.
  • Elijah: A prophet who performed miracles and confronted the prophets of Baal.
  • Elisha: Successor of Elijah, known for performing many miracles.


  • Gabriel: An archangel who delivered messages from God, including the announcement of Jesus’ birth to Mary.
  • Gideon: A judge of Israel who led a small army to victory over the Midianites.
  • Goliath: A giant Philistine warrior defeated by David.


  • Hannah: Mother of Samuel, dedicated him to God’s service.
  • Herod the Great: King of Judea who ordered the massacre of the infants in Bethlehem.
  • Hosea: A prophet who authored the Book of Hosea.


  • Isaac: Son of Abraham and Sarah, father of Jacob and Esau.
  • Isaiah: A major prophet who authored the Book of Isaiah.
  • Ishmael: Son of Abraham and Hagar, considered the ancestor of the Arab peoples.


  • Jacob: Son of Isaac, father of the twelve tribes of Israel, also known as Israel.
  • Jeremiah: A major prophet who authored the Book of Jeremiah and Lamentations.
  • Job: A man known for his suffering and faithfulness to God, central figure of the Book of Job.
  • John the Baptist: A prophet who prepared the way for Jesus and baptized Him.
  • Joseph: Jacob’s son, sold into slavery, became a ruler in Egypt.
  • Joshua: Successor of Moses who led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
  • Judas Iscariot: One of Jesus’ twelve disciples who betrayed Him.


  • Lazarus: A friend of Jesus whom He raised from the dead.
  • Levi: One of Jacob’s sons; his descendants became the Levitical priesthood.
  • Lot: Abraham’s nephew who lived in Sodom.


  • Mary: Mother of Jesus.
  • Martha: Sister of Mary and Lazarus, known for her hospitality.
  • Moses: Led the Israelites out of Egypt and received the Ten Commandments.


  • Naomi: Mother-in-law of Ruth.
  • Nathan: A prophet during the reign of King David.
  • Noah: Built the ark and survived the great flood.


  • Paul (Saul of Tarsus): An apostle who played a significant role in the spread of Christianity.
  • Peter (Simon Peter): One of Jesus’ closest disciples and leader of the early church.
  • Philip: One of Jesus’ twelve disciples, known for his evangelism.


  • Rachel: Jacob’s beloved wife and mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
  • Rahab: A Canaanite woman who helped Israelite spies in Jericho.
  • Rebekah: Wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau.
  • Ruth: A Moabite woman who became the great-grandmother of King David.


  • Samson: A judge of Israel known for his great strength.
  • Samuel: A prophet who anointed Saul and David as kings.
  • Sarah: Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac.
  • Saul: The first king of Israel.
  • Solomon: Son of David, known for his wisdom and for building the temple in Jerusalem.
  • Stephen: The first Christian martyr.


  • Thaddeus: One of Jesus’ twelve disciples.
  • Thomas: One of Jesus’ twelve disciples, known for his doubt about Jesus’ resurrection.
  • Timothy: A young church leader and companion of Paul.


  • Zechariah: A prophet who authored the Book of Zechariah.
  • Zacchaeus: A tax collector who was converted by Jesus.
  • Zedekiah: The last king of Judah before the Babylonian captivity.

This index provides a glimpse into the many significant figures in the Bible, each contributing to the narrative and teachings that have shaped religious thought and history.

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